Section 57: A Guide To Invitation To Respond Letters

Navigating the Invitation to Comment Letter Stage: Expert Guidance for Australia Visa Applicants

This is usually because something is worrying the decision maker about your application for a visa for Australia.

It could well be that there is nothing problematic for you at all and that issues concerning the decision-maker at the Department can easily be clarified.

If you are well organised, able to articulate your circumstances and have time to put together a response to the Invitation to Comment Letter, then you don’t need me.

However, if on the other hand, you’re worried about what the Department case officer is thinking, then you might consider having a 10-minute chat with me to discuss your options further.

The Invitation to Comment letter is also known as a section 57 letter. Its name originates from the section of the Migration Act. Section 57 authorises the issue of the letter by a case officer to a visa applicant prior to making a decision in relation to a visa application.


As an experienced immigration lawyer and the lead Counsel at MyVisa® Immigration Law Advisory, I understand the complexities and challenges associated with the Australia visa application process. In this blog post, I will provide valuable insights and guidance on navigating the invitation to comment stage, particularly in relation to section 57 natural justice letters. Understanding the importance of timely responses and comprehensive submissions, I aim to empower visa applicants with the knowledge and tools needed to address concerns raised by the immigration authorities. However, it is important to note that the information provided here should not be considered legal advice. I encourage readers to seek independent legal advice before taking any further steps.

Understanding the Invitation to Comment Letter:

The invitation to comment stage is a critical part of the Australia visa application process. When faced with a section 57 natural justice letter, applicants are provided with an opportunity to address concerns or provide additional information before a final decision is made. It is crucial to understand the purpose and significance of this stage, as it can greatly impact the outcome of the visa application. By inviting applicants to respond, the immigration authorities seek to ensure a fair assessment and consider all relevant information.

Timelines and Importance of Timely Response:

Timely response is of utmost importance during the invitation to comment stage. Missing the specified deadline can lead to automatic refusal or cancellation of the visa application. Therefore, it is essential for applicants to closely adhere to the provided timelines and submit all required information within the given timeframe. Timely responses demonstrate a proactive and cooperative approach, which can positively influence the immigration authorities’ assessment of the application.

Key Factors Leading to Invitation to Comment:

Several factors can lead to the issuance of an invitation to comment, commonly in the form of a section 57 natural justice letter. These factors may include a lack of clarity regarding the intention to move to Australia, failure to provide a comprehensive relationship timeline for a partner visa, inadequate submission of English language proficiency test scores, insufficient ties to the home country, failure to meet character or health requirements, incomplete applications, or lack of proof of financial support. By understanding these potential areas of concern, applicants can proactively address them in their response, strengthening their case for a positive outcome.

Preparing for the Invitation to Comment:

Effective preparation is crucial when responding to the invitation to comment. Thoroughly reviewing the initial visa application is essential to ensure consistency and accuracy in the response. Seeking guidance from experienced immigration professionals, such as myself at MyVisa®, can provide valuable insights and support throughout the process. As an immigration lawyer with extensive knowledge of Australian migration laws and regulations, I can help applicants anticipate the authorities’ concerns, analyze the information provided in the invitation letter, and assist in crafting a comprehensive and persuasive response. This guidance can significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Crafting a Comprehensive Response:

Crafting a comprehensive response is vital to addressing the concerns raised in the invitation to comment letter. It is crucial to provide detailed explanations and supporting evidence where necessary, ensuring consistency with the information provided in the initial application. Applicants should refrain from providing false or misleading information, as it can lead to disqualification from approval or reinstatement. By presenting a well-structured and thorough response, applicants can effectively address the authorities’ concerns and strengthen their case for a positive outcome.

Seek Independent Legal Advice:

While this blog post provides valuable information, it is important to remember that each visa application is unique, and individual circumstances may vary. Therefore, I encourage readers to seek independent legal advice tailored to their specific situation. Consulting with an immigration lawyer will ensure personalized guidance and support throughout the visa application process, including the invitation to comment stage. By seeking professional assistance, applicants can benefit from expert insights and increase their chances of a successful outcome.

Remember, the invitation to comment is an important opportunity to present your case effectively. If you are navigating the invitation to comment stage in your Australia visa application and need expert guidance, I invite you to book a discussion with me today. As an experienced immigration lawyer at MyVisa®, I can provide personalized assistance, analyze your case, and help you craft a compelling response. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the invitation to comment process and maximize your chances of a positive outcome. Book your 10-minute chat with me by visiting [URL:].

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