Immigration Minister Application: A Guide To Making A Ministerial Intervention Application To Immigration Minister

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If you have received a refusal from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (previously known as the Migration Review Tribunal or MRT) then you might have an opportunity in making an application to the Minister responsible for immigration. This is an opportunity provided to you, under the Migration Act, to address the most negative decisions at the tribunal level.

You need to be careful when making the application to the Minister. The Minister has guidelines that must be followed in relation to any application made to his Ministerial Unit. Take care to comply with these guidelines. Related issues when making an application to the Minister include work rights, that you may or may not have, and your visa status whilst you are waiting for an outcome.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to understand about Ministerial Intervention Applications is that only two to three per cent of these applications tend to get approved, the rest are dispensed without the Minister even considering the application being made. There is no compulsion for the Minister to consider anything you put forth to them. It is therefore important to think carefully about whether or not a Ministerial Intervention Application is something that should be a part of your strategy, for staying lawfully in Australia. If you would like to discuss your opportunities to further stay lawfully in Australia, then please book a consultation with me.

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