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Immigration Lawyer Tips – My Top 3 Considerations For Getting Better Visa Outcomes:

Immigration Lawyer Tips – My Top 3 Considerations For Getting Better Visa Outcomes:

#1 Be fully aware of all your options, and the risks of each.
#2 Make sure the advice you get is accurate, practical and right for you.
#3 Write better submissions (or get help) to save you time later.

Why Use An Immigration Lawyer?

Hi! I’m Nilesh Nandan.  I’m an Australian Immigration Lawyer I can help you lodge a better visa application. You’ll get practical advice on how to avoid a visa refusal or a visa cancellation. You’ll get lodge a better application with us.

My practice offers premium immigration law services for Australian visa grants.

Sound interesting? It should – because many of my clients make mistakes with their immigration applications before coming to see us. Don’t be a visa applicant or sponsor who decides to consult an Immigration Lawyer only after things have gone wrong.

I help many applicants respond to Department of Immigration “emails”, “invitations to comment” and “notices” – I can also help you make sure your next visa application is done properly. Right from the outset – and I’ll make your ride a little easier for you – with honest, realistic and accurate advice.

Every day I help people like you get visas to come to Australia or stay here for longer. I’ve dealt with thousands of visa cases. I’ve argued several hundreds of visa appeals.

What I Do As An Immigration Lawyer:

I’ve been running immigration cases for almost all of my professional life. Like many of my clients, I’m an immigrant too. I migrated to Australia as a dependent child on my parents’ permanent residence visas, more than 36 years ago.

I’ve since gone to law school here. I’ve been admitted here as a lawyer. I’m what they call a “Registered Australian Migration Agent”. I’m also an “Immigration Lawyer”, and this comes in very handy, when things get tough with the Department of Immigration.

I spend most of my time learning about the latest developments in immigration law. You’ll find updates on immigration law practice here on this website. In any given week, I will negotiate cases with Immigration Officers.

I appear at Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) hearings, prepare submissions for visa cancellation and refusal appeals and I seek the review of visa decisions in the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) and in the Federal Court of Australia – looking carefully for administrative decisions infected with legal error, often referred to as jurisdictional error.

I can’t guarantee the grant of any visa, but I guarantee I’ll help you make better Immigration applications, fight unfair Immigration decisions and hang on to your permanent residence status. I’ll also assist you with passport issues and Australian citizenship if you need it.

Your First Step:

The first step toward getting a better immigration outcome is to have a realistic game plan – do this today by calling us – we’ll help you book in for a very personal premium consultation, at one of our convenient locations or by telephone conference.

Why have a consultation? Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

I look forward to helping you! Book in an appointment instantly here.

Nilesh Nandan
BBus(Accy) LLB (QUT) Grad.Dip.Legal.Prac. MBA(IntBus)
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