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Nilesh Nandan
BBus(Accy) LLB (QUT) Grad.Dip.Legal.Prac. MBA(IntBus)
Immigration Lawyer | MyVisa® | est. 1999

Immigration Lawyer Tips – Our Top 3 Considerations For Getting Better Visa Outcomes:

#1 Know your very best option, not the easiest one.

#2 Be confident the advice you are getting is 100% right for you.

#3 Write a better submission (or get help) to save you grief later.

Why Use An Immigration Lawyer?

The best Australian Immigration Lawyers can help you lodge a better visa application.

You’ll get practical advice on how to avoid a visa refusal or a visa cancellation.

We offer a premium service for obtaining Australian visa grants and immigration troubleshooting.

Sound interesting? It should – because many of our clients make mistakes with their immigration applications before coming to see us.

Don’t be a visa applicant or sponsor who decides to consult an Immigration Lawyer only after things have gone wrong.

We help many applicants respond to Department of Immigration “emails”, “invitations to comment” and “notices”.

We can also help you make sure your next visa application is made properly.

Right from the outset, we’ll make your ride a little easier for you – with honest, realistic and accurate advice.

Every week we help people like you get visa grants to come to Australia or stay here for longer.

Together we have dealt with thousands of visa cases and argued several hundred visa appeals.

We can’t guarantee the grant of any visa, but we do guarantee we’ll help you make better Immigration applications, fight unfair Immigration decisions or hang on to your permanent residence status. We’ll also assist you with passport issues and Australian citizenship if you need it.

Your First Step:

The first step toward getting a better immigration outcome is to have a realistic game plan – do this today by calling us – we’ll help you book in for a very personal premium consultation, at one of our convenient locations or by telephone conference.

Why have a consultation? Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

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  • How we can help you – Lodge

    Lodge a new visa application for Australia.

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  • How we can help you – Understand

    Understand your obligations and conditions of your visa sponsor a partner – to stay long term in Australia.

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  • How we can help you – Sponsor a Partner

    Sponsor a partner to stay long term in Australia.

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  • How we can help you – Sponsor an Employee

    Sponsor an employee to work full time for an Australian business.

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  • How we can help you – Get sponsored

    Get sponsored for temporary or permanent residency in Australia.

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  • How we can help you – Decide

    Decide which visa is the best one to apply for.

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  • How we can help you – Select

    Select the most favourable ANZSCO occupation category for you.

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  • How we can help you – Explain

    Explain the possible consequences of calls, email or letters you’ve received from Immigration.

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  • How we can help you – Respond

    Respond in the best way to questions or notices from Immigration.

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  • How we can help you – Confirm

    Confirm the other advice you have received about your visa options.

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  • How we can help you – Seek Review

    Seek review of unfavourable Immigration decisions.

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  • How we can help you – Appeal to the FCC

    Appeal to the FCC to correct an error made by a Tribunal Member in the AAT.

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  • How we can help you – Fix Problems

    Fix problems caused by your previous advisors or your own stupidity 😉

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  • How we can help you – Recover Fees


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We offer a premium service to visa applicants seeking a visa for Australia and their sponsors.

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Will you understand our advice? – Get our advice in writing – in plain and simple English – no technical jargon! Our written advices will give you extra peace of mind.

Already have a lawyer or migration agent? – We offer a fast and confidential “second opinion” service. Why not be extra sure! You wouldn’t be here if you felt your case was already in safe hands, would you?

Are we registered? Yes we are. We abide by a strict Code of Conduct. And we’ve been trusted by applicants and their sponsors since 1999.

Have a budget? – Get a fixed price quote for your unique circumstances – and yes! we’ll offset the consult fee against any quote. We’ll also offer you the option to pay in instalments, if you need it.

High Flyers (And Frequent Flyers!)

If you are a Business Owner, an Employer of a Major Business, or an investor, you may be eligible to apply for some of the many temporary and permanent business visas. These visas allow you to stay in Australia to utilise your skills to develop business activity, increase entrepreneurial talent, and to diversify business expertise in Australia. Some types of Business Visas include:

  • Business Owner Visa
  • Senior Executive Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Business Talent Visa

Immigration For Individuals & Families


When it comes to making an application for a visa by yourself, it can be very hard or difficult to understand the process or the documents required for the visa application. But don’t worry! We are here to help! Some types of visas concerning individuals are as follows:

  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Visitor Visas
  • Temporary Graduate Visas


Getting a visa refused for your family members can be devastating and you may be confused or lost on what you need to do next. We will be able to help so that you can be reunited with your loved ones quickly and smoothly. Some types of visas concerning family members are as follows:

  • Partner Visas
  • Parent Visas
  • Family Sponsored Visitor Visas
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visas
  • Child Visas

Visas For Employees

If you have an Australian Employer who wants to offer sponsorship for you and your family to stay and work in Australia, you may want to consider applying for an Employer Sponsored Visa. There are temporary and permanent visa options for Employer Sponsorship and the most important thing to consider is that all applications concerns both yourself and your Employer. So, it is important that you obtain the correct advice before you apply for any Employer Sponsored Visa. We can offer a assessment for yourself to see if you are eligible to be sponsored and also assess your Employer to see if they are eligible to sponsor you as a foreign employee. Some types of visas concerning Employer Sponsored Visas are as follows:

  • Temporary (Skilled) Work Visas.
  • Employer Nominated Visas.

Federal Court Appeals

If you are unhappy with a decision made at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and are feeling lost and confused on what to do next, go ahead and give us a call! You might be able to appeal your case at the courts and our experienced Immigration Lawyers are able to determine if the decision has been infected with legal error. We understand that court cases can be especially intimidating but we believe that the best way to tackle it is to bring our best and strongest case forward. We aim to understand your pain and your goals and accurately advise you on your options and your risks. We cater our advice to ensure the best and most practical option for you.