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Get our expert knowledge of Australian immigration and citizenship laws. Whether you are outside Australia or located in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Adelaide SA, I can:


  1. Help you decide what application to file
  2. Help you prepare and lodge applications
  3. Help you respond to requests for information
  4. Help you get traction on applications that are lost in the system
  5. Help you appeal refusal and cancellation decisions
  6. Help you obtain Australian citizenship
  7. Help you recover losses suffered from the immigration negligence of others.

With prime locations including Sydney CBD, Brisbane, Melbourne CBD, and Perth, wherever you are based we can help you!

Which of these problems do you need help with?

Call me to discuss your immigration needs.

I’ll tell you quickly (and without obligation) whether I can help write a better submission or win a difficult case for you.

How expensive is an Immigration Lawyer?

All lawyers charge a premium for their services because they are more highly trained than migration agents.  Immigration lawyers I’m not more expensive than other lawyers and most will charge a fixed fee for the services they provide.

The important question is whether or not the work they provide is of high-quality so that costs associated with further visa appeals I saved. If your desired immigration outcome is achieved in one step rather than two steps, then it might make financial sense to pay a little bit more in respect of that first step, because the great saving you receive by not having to pay for the second step, is very significant.

How much would a immigration lawyer cost?

 In my experience immigration lawyers will charge between $250 and $450 per hour depending on their level of experience  in doing submissions or in running appeals in the Federal Circuit Court and in the Federal Court of Australia, you should be aware of course that most immigration lawyers will not charge an hourly rate but rather a fixed fee and a fixed fee for running an application would vary between $3,500 and $7,500 for visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs and between $5,000 and $15,000 for applications to  the Administrative aAppeals Tribunal. Fees in respect of appeals at the Federal Circuit Court and the Federal Court of Australia after adverse decisions are made by the administrative appeals tribunal or by the minister acting personally, would be in the vicinity of $12,500 and $25,000.

Immigration Law Pretenders

There was a time when migration agents were able to do a weekend course and get a certificate which allowed them to become a migration agent and provide immigration advice and assistance.

Some agents practicing today might not have done any formal postgraduate qualification in immigration law at all, but because they came under the old provisions which were far more relaxed, they may still be able to renew their licence to provide immigration assistance today.

Be particularly careful of migration agents who hold themselves out usually in their own ethnic communities to be immigration lawyers. This practice is something that I have come across in many communities where unsuspecting immigrants are led to believe that migration agents are in fact lawyers because they appear to be more sophisticated and more knowledgeable the lawyers in their original country.

Of course it is very unethical for someone to hold themselves out to be a lawyer or a barrister in Australia and it is also contrary to law. Do you know anyone who has told you that they are an immigration lawyer and they are not? Run. Run Fast!

How to call out a pretending practitioner?

If you’re not sure if your immigration practitioner is a lawyer then simply ask for a copy of his or her legal practicing certificate. Every lawyer in Australia is issued with a practicing certificate every year by the relevant law society.

How do I choose the best immigration lawyer for my case?

In my experience the best immigration lawyers are not the ones that have the best marketing teams and the best advertising.  Rather the best immigration lawyers are those lawyers that achieve consistently strong immigration outcomes for their clients, year in and year out.  

One thorough way to find out who these practitioners are this is to do research online of all published immigration case decision that are very similar to your own case – cases which  mirror the challenges that you face in achieving your own immigration outcome. 

If you are not able to undertake this research yourself, then an alternative way is simply to contact immigration lawyers you are considering for handle your case and asking them directly whether or not they have handled cases similar to yours and what options are available for you in those circumstances. 

Most immigration lawyers will have a short discussion with you. This will be sufficient for you to work out whether or not they have the skill set and compassion and experience in the type of problem that you have, to help and a vision for a successful outcome for you.

If where do you they don’t have the time to have a quick discussion with you then they are unlikely to have the time that is necessary to be devoted to presenting the very best possible submissions to achieve the immigration outcome you desire.

Who We Work With

Unfortunately we can’t help everybody. We are able to provide premium quality visa and citizenship services to a select group of clients because we say “NO” more often than our competitors. We are not right for you if:


  1. You are looking for sponsorship or academic study advice. 
  2. You are looking for a visa for another country (besides Australia).
  3. You are looking to circumvent Australian laws.

How To Work Together

The first step is a consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help. Our consultation attracts a nominal fixed fee that can be aa credit towards any work you require us to do after the consultation.


You can call us on 1300558472  or request a call back or try our online booking tool

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Its easier to get the outcome you want when at least one of us knows what they are doing 😉

0 Australia Wide Locations

Meet me where it suits you. Or schedule a telephone conference if you just can't wait.

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Don't be that test case for an inexperienced advisor looking to get experience with your life story.

What Migration Agents Do?

Our team of registered migration agents are qualified and skilled at looking at migration objectives and how to achieve it . Migration agents are appointed as personal representatives of individuals and businesses seeking some  type of Australian immigration or citizenship approval.


Migration Agents obtain their registration from the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the OMARA). This registration is renewed each year. The law in Australia requires lawyers seeking to offer immigration advice and assistance to be registered migration agents. This rule is likely to change and immigration lawyers might not need a separate registration with the OMARA in order to give immigration advice.


What Immigration Lawyers Do?

An Immigration lawyer is also called an Australian Legal Practitioner. Immigration lawyers are admitted to practice law in Australia. As an Immigration Lawyer and a registered Australian Migration Agent, not only do I assist with immigration lodgments with the Department of Immigration, but I also handle appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal  (AAT), the Federal Circuit Court and the Federal Court of Australia.

Learn more about MyVisa Migration Lawyers & Migration Agents.

Do You Have Any Visa Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how our Advisory works.

1. Get to know us better

Try us today and see the difference.

What might you get from less passionate immigration lawyers and migration agents? Who knows?

I hope this website gives you a small taste of what we are about at MyVisa®. The biggest difference between what our practice is what we can offer you – a commitment to getting the best outcome for you, not just “an” outcome.

So, call me and get to know us better!

2. Your First Step

The first step toward getting a better immigration outcome is to have a realistic game plan – wecan help with this. If you are ready to make an application, we’ll make sure you are on track. Not just any track. The best track possible. You won’t often get a second chance to make a good impression with Immigration, so thinking things through from the outset makes a lot of sense.

3. Why Get Paid Advice?

Getting paid advice makes sense for two reasons. Firstly, advisors can be sued and more likely to be correct in this advice than friend and family. Secondly, you get to get back your life, with another person having your back. Importantly, you don’t know what you don’t know. Even if you think you have it all under control, you’ll get peace of mind.

4. My Tips For Getting Better Visa Outcomes:

  1. Know your very best option, not the easiest one.
  2. Be confident the advice you are getting is 100% right for you.
  3. Write a better submission (or get help) to save you grief later.
  4. Acting sooner works better.

5. Challenging Cases

Without an immigration lawyer, you might compromise your chances of getting a more difficult visa approved. It might even take longer than is necessary.

Has your visa application been refused? Or your visa cancelled? Or are you worried that a visa refusal or visa cancellation is just around the corner? Now is a great time to get advice. I get it! Your stomach churns as soon as you read the email.

I get to read refusal emails all the time and my stomach churns too. I’ve been where you’ve been and I understand how your life seems now to be a “film” shot in slow motion. Bad news – it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

6. Bigger Problems

say “getting worse” because unless you fully understand how the recent notification or immigration decision will affect you, it will be like you are looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun, not knowing when the shot will go off. This is the nature of very strict immigration laws and policies in Australia, managed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself this key question – “In how many ways does this latest development limit my options?

Just one? “How big is the risk I now face of losing the life that I have come to know or expect?

7. My Advice

My advice is to get “real”, fast. After you properly understand the bad news, you’ll be able to make far better immigration decisions for yourself. Yes! Be “real” now.

Don’t get your advice sugar-coated to make it appear more pleasant than it is. And don’t settle for half-baked advice offered easily by friends, relatives, and free-consult migration agents.

You see – in the last 18 years, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of immigration notifications, visa refusal decisions, and visa cancellations. Most haven’t been properly explained to visa applicants or sponsors like you.

8. Come For Confidence

If you know what you are doing and there is limited risk or consequences that you can live with, then you probably might not need to have an advisor.

9. Are You 100% Confident?

There are many online applications made each day by applicants who can not afford or see any incremental benefit is using an advisor.

If you don’t need me, then please don’t come to me!

But if you haven’t got clarity or confidence today or you want to start improving your situation now (perhaps after a false start) rather than flying blind, then book in a consultation with us.

10. Why Use An Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Lawyers can help you lodge a better visa application.
You’ll get practical advice on how to avoid a visa refusal or a visa cancellation.
We offer a very outcome-focused service for obtaining Australian visa grants and immigration troubleshooting.

Sound interesting? It should – because many of our clients make mistakes with their immigration applications before coming to see us.
Don’t be a visa applicant or sponsor who decides to consult an Immigration Lawyer only after things have gone wrong.

11. Help you can expect:

We help many applicants respond to Department of Immigration “emails”, “invitations to comment” and “notices”. We can also help you make sure your next visa application is made properly.

Right from the outset, we’ll make your ride a little easier for you – with honest, realistic and accurate immigration advice.

Every week we help people like you get visa grants to come to Australia or stay here for longer. Together we have dealt with thousands of visa cases, from employer sponsored visas, family visas and 457/482 visa applications, and we have argued several hundred visa appeals, and even ministerial intervention.

We spend most of our time learning about the latest developments in immigration law. Also every week, we negotiate cases and communicate with Immigration Officers and make submissions to AAT (Immigration Tribunal) members.

We attend (yes – we sit right next to you) at Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) hearings, prepare submissions for visa cancellation and refusal appeals and seek the review of visa decisions in the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) and in the Federal Court of Australia – looking carefully for administrative decisions infected with legal error, often referred to as “jurisdictional error”.

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MyVisa Immigration Lawyer, Sydney Reviews

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Ammar Naseer
05:16 03 Jul 19
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Webmail okello
Webmail okello
07:37 26 Jun 19
A friend of mine had an immigration issue. I contacted Nilesh for assistance. I did not expect him to respond to me on that day given it was on Sunday. He did respond very quickly and promptly provided the much needed advice. Thank you Nilesh.
Robert Bugeja
Robert Bugeja
11:43 15 Apr 19
Thank you MyVisa, we recently got our prospective marriage visa granted. Thank you Ieva and Mark for all of your hard work preparing our application leading to it being granted. I highly recommend MyVisa.Robert.
Agnes Mare
Agnes Mare
06:11 07 Mar 19
They are helpful and am happy with service. I booked for an online chat for free and that didn’t stop them from giving me good options and also helping me with all the information I wanted thank you guys

MyVisa Immigration Lawyer, Melbourne Reviews

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Eden Fainberg
00:27 01 Jul 19
I had a wonderfull free consultation with this agency today, they helped me out so much, were so kind and had a huge ammount of knowladge and information. They where so kind and listtend to everything and remeberd all the details, they even talked to me well over the 10 minutes to make sure I knew my course of action. Absolutly use these guys if u ever had questions about anything, I have no word, a five star from me! Thank u so much for your time!
Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
06:38 13 Mar 19
I have just started my visa application with Nilesh nandan .. So far so good... He is very genuine and very clear with his procedures. I was so stressed after my visa refusal.. But after the consulation with Nilesh nandan I'm very confident and looking forward to get my visa approved. Great service.
06:13 04 Jan 19
Just had a free consultation with Nilesh. He was very professional and reassuring. I know I've found the right firm to represent me should the need arises.
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francisco auque
10:21 18 Apr 18
I am very grateful with Ieva and Nilesh for the excellent supporting proffesional services you both provided me during the whole complex process to revert the decision of my visa cancellation. I highly recommend your services to any one who requires assistance with immigration processes
Harish M
Harish M
23:50 15 Dec 16
Dealing with My Visa Melbourne office was so delightful and the courtesy of the staff assisting is exquisite. I had applied for my 457 visa and had no clue of how it works, and was always asking questions however (Josh/Ieva) migration agents were very patient and explained me the whole process just like a director explaining his movie. Would definitely recommend anyone to go ahead with them as they are the Masters in Migration.

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Sajeda Singh
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Nathalie Martinsson
02:50 23 Jun 19
After meeting with several lawyers and agents in Brisbane after my visa application got refused, I chose Nilesh Nandan at MyVisa to represent me at the Tribunal. The choice became obvious to me as Nilesh was the most confident and knowledgeble. He is also a proper lawyer. MyVisa was definitely a big step above the rest of the agencies that I met with in their appearance and professionalism. I also realised that I got inaccurate advice from some of the other lawyers. Nilesh made sense of my sitation that was quite complex.
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aero berry
11:59 19 Jun 19
Nice one team, thanks for helping me with my visa matters. You guys are superb! I finally got my Australian Visa.
Brett Todd
Brett Todd
21:14 18 Jun 19
The myvisa team are a professional and empathetic group who know how the immigration mschine works. Their patience and sage advice was priceless in my successful bid for Australian citizenship. Highly recommend utilising their services.
April C C
April C C
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The 10 minute free consult was all I needed and they were able to point in me the right direction. They are honest and genuinely trying to help you. A rare thing from a lawyer!

MyVisa Immigration Lawyer, Perth Reviews

Eric Hamer
Eric Hamer
01:13 02 Nov 18
This is to thank Nilesh and Ieva for the excellent work they did to finally achieve a full Spouse Visa for my wife Trissy. My circumstances were different to the norm because I had already had 2 failed marriages to 2 Indonesian women which failed through no fault of mine. Under Australian Immigration Law you are only allowed to have 2 Marriages to people from overseas.I met Trissy in May 2012 and became a couple in August of that year, finally getting married in February 2014. This is when the fun began and it took nearly 5 years to achieve the desired result. This is all due to the efforts of Nilesh and Ieva and I would have no hesitation in recommending their Legal Firm to handle any Visa problems that you are having.Eric HamerMandurah
04:29 23 Jan 18
My case was suppose to be a dead end. I went to different lawyers but couldn't get a satisfactory advice until i stumbled upon reviews of other people who had something nice to say about MyVisa.I got quality and professional advice and services from them. What turned out to be a dead end eventually came positive.I will recommend MyVisa anyday anytime.
Sian-Adele Mitchell
Sian-Adele Mitchell
00:34 14 Jul 16
Nilesh and Ieva are a fantastic team! Their professionalism, support and great expertise is second to none and we can not recommend them enough. As our Representatives our Visa process was made stress free and efficient. Resulting in a positive outcome........ Great team indeed.
charlotte Cork
charlotte Cork
05:28 10 Sep 15
Partner visafound that the service was amazing. The staff at my visa are extremely helpful and friendly always there to help would defiantly use there services again, i had no worries going through this visa with my visa. answers all my questions, amazing I Highly recommend my visa ask for Nilesh Nandan
Adrian Raddock
Adrian Raddock
01:54 03 Sep 15
I am totally satisfied with the understanding that I now know in relation to the visitors visa that I have applied for, My Lawyer have explained in detail the actions I need to take and I am not stressed at all after my first meeting with my Lawyers.I would highly recommend MyVisa for any applications to be submitted .

Immigration Process

Immigration Services Offered by MyVisa® Immigration Lawyers. What Help Do You Need To Get The Results You Want?
  • 1

    Decide what application to file

    Everyone has an opportunity to file an application. We’ll give you confidence in recommendation which applications to file, and in the precise order for maximising the chances of getting you immigration outcome faster.

  • 2

    Prepare and lodge applications

    Once we are clear on what applications need to be made, we’ll file these for you. Complete and on-time putting your best foot forward not matter what your circumstances.

  • 3

    Respond to requests for information

    Instead of receiving intimidating letters from the Department of Immigration, we’ll stand between you and the Department and work with you to respond in the best possible way.

  • 4

    Get traction on applications that are lost in the system

    Sometimes things go astray at Immigration. It’s a big Department and if you’ve lost momentum, we’ll help you get traction with the any undue delay issues you experience.

  • 5

    Appeal refusal and cancellation decisions

    When things go wrong at Immigration, they tend to go very wrong and the consequences can be severe and costly. We’ll help make the best possible appeal if things don’t go your way at the beginning.

  • 6

    Obtain Australian citizenship

    After achieving permanent residence, insure against losing it. We’ll help you get Australian citizenship so what you’ve worked so hard at getting, isn’t at risk of being taken away from you.

  • 6

    8503 Waiver

    Learn More