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I’m an immigration lawyer that can help you avoid a visa refusal or a visa cancellation? Many clients come to see an Immigration Lawyer only after things have gone wrong. I help many applicants responding to DIBP invitations to comments and notices of intention to cancel visa – but I can also help you make sure yours is done properly from the outset – and make the ride a little easier – with honest and realistic advice.

I help people get visas to come to Australia or stay here for longer. I’ve been doing this for almost all of my professional life. Like many of my clients, I’m a migrant too. I migrated to Australia as a dependent child on my parent’s permanent residence visa, more than 36 years ago. I’ve gone to law school here. I’ve been admitted here as a lawyer and I’ve also been registered as a Migration Agent here.

I’ve dealt with 1000’s of cases. I’ve argued several hundred successful Immigration appeals. I spend all of my time learning about the latest in immigration, negotiating with Immigration officers, appearing at AAT Tribunal hearings, helping visa cancellation and refusal appeals get reviewed before Federal Court judges, and making submissions to the The Honourable Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration & Border Protection
(aka. Australian Border Force)

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Nilesh Nandan is an experienced Australian Immigration Specialist & Blog Author, advising on sponsorship of overseas workers and partners and Immigration Appeals.

Nilesh’s expertise is in helping business owners, HR managers and recruitment consultants solve staffing problems by lodging and troubleshooting “employer-sponsored” visa applications for existing and new staff. Nilesh completed his schooling at Brisbane Grammar. He studied Accountancy and Law at QUT and completed the Business Case Study Program at Harvard. He is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia and holds an MBA in International Business.

Nilesh first became licensed by the Migration Agents Registration Authority to provide immigration advice in 1999 and holds current registration with the Authority. He is Member of Migration Institute of Australia, Migration Alliance and the Law Council of Australia. He is a Young Achiever of the Year nominee and more recently mentor to fellow immigration practitioners.

His has a significant practice running Immigration cases in the AAT, Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court and The Full Federal Court of Australia.Ms Ieva Vaityte, Registered Migration Agent, Practice Manager

Avoid Visa Refusals & Visa Cancellations By Engaging With Nilesh Sooner Narend Sharma, Lawyer & Migration Agent
Nilesh has a track record of winning challenging immigration cases. With 15 years of experience in Immigration Law issues, he has managed 1000’s of visa applications successfully. His experiences range from managing immigration task forces at Port Hedland and Christmas Island through to extensive business sponsorship applications and long-stay visa work. These experiences, including complex appeal work, allow him to contribute usefully to strategies that will help make your visa applications more likely to succeed, as effortlessly as possibleJoshua Lee, Solicitor, Visa Lodgements Expert

Wondering How an Australian Immigration lawyer can help you?

Immigration is all about getting things right the first time. Not the second time. I see so many applications where so much money and time could have been saved, with just a little extra care and a pinch or two of know-how. It is so much easier to get things right the first time, rather than have to make submissions in a subsequent application. The biggest tip I have for anyone, is to get it right the first time…In every aspect of life, not just with Immigration!
If you are already in hot water, let’s see what can be done to make the best out of your situation.

Here are my 3 commandments for getting better immigration outcomes:


#1 “right” strategy

Take care to chose the right application to make. The choice of which application to make first, and what other steps are needed, and in which sequence, will all directly affect your desired immigration outcome.


#2 “right” lodgement

Simply Lodging forms, without careful consideration of the consequences, is a recipe for disaster. It’s really important to know what can go wrong. Be very certain you are making the right lodgment for your circumstances, at the right time.


#3 “right” submissions

No two cases are the same. Despite competent advice and complete documentation, a decision maker still needs to be persuaded. The right submissions significantly increase the likelihood of visa success.

“Nilesh has steered me through multiple visa applications. He is a master at building long term relationships. He manages a visa support team that is second to none – I was so impressed with his practice, I offered to buy it. I now hold a Significant Investor Visa.”
Barry Holland. Client.

“I’ve gone full circle with Nilesh. He started off as a direct report to me many years ago, when I taught him the ropes. Today Nilesh and I collaborate on cross-border assignments. He now teaches me as much as I teach him, if not more! Finding a more astute problem solver, who never stops thinking, would be difficult.”
Dr Maurice Joseph. Colleague.

“My experience with MyVisa has been exceptional; the team made what would have been a traumatic experience much easier through professionalism, speed and focus on my case, and above all, compassion and understanding which comes only through years and years of experience.”

Lee Bargwanna. Client.

“Nilesh is a concise and effective communicator. He is approachable and specifically emphasises open dialogue to achieve the best outcome every time.”

Daniel Abrams. Colleague.

“Nilesh is an effective consultant who puts his mind and effort into his clients cases. His practical approach brings about results and he does not waste time and costs unnecessarily. He will let you know very early your prospects of success or otherwise. I highly recommend Myvisa as a firm to go to for immigration needs.”

Faiyaaz Shafiq. Client.

“From my first meeting with Nilesh I felt that I was in safe hands. While I do believe Nilesh to be on the higher end of the scale price-wise he was worth every cent because the confidence I felt every step of the way – due in most part to his ability to talk in simple and direct English, was priceless. I trusted him and he delivered.”

Joy Redmond. Client.

“Nilesh is totally committed to providing the highest quality immigration advice to his clients. His leadership in the Migration Advice industry is unparalleled and I enjoy working with him closely in the area of jurisdictional error.”

Giles Stapleton. Barrister.

“I was so delighted that Nilesh helped me prepare my MRT so well that we received a positive result at the eve of my hearing..I refer him almost daily to others. Yes, his initial fee was too much, but in the end it was too little for what he did for me and my wife.”

Jasbir Puar. Client.

“Nilesh and I meet to brain-storm and explore business issues. He has an astute practical mind. He is an energetic and enthusiastic and is full of ideas which he shares with a contagious energy! He is always happy to help, keen to explore new perspectives and gets excited about becoming a better advisor, mentor and friend. He is knowledgable, alert and aware and at the same time fun to be with and easy to talk to….he is definitely a guy to have on your side, whether it’s Immigration Law or beyond.”

Neeru Nanda. Colleague.

“Nilesh is an absolute star when it comes to Immigration. His years of experience and knowledge of the whole process are 2nd to none. As an employer of many talented foreigners, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

Leigh Storr. Entrepreneur.

“I know Nilesh to be decent, hardworking, competent, capable and honest. His reputation in Immigration matters is the envy of many lawyers.”

Narend Sharma. Lawyer.

“I truely appreciate Nilesh’s work with our 4020 refusal appeal. From the time I got an appointment with MyVisa team, I felt that now I am in safe hands for my case. I really recommend others not just my friends to go with Nilesh if they have any problems with Immigration.”

Taranjeet Kaur. Client.

“I recommend engaging Nilesh and his team to anyone who requires a conscientious and professional visa service. In our dealings, we were given sound advice and value for money and a great result!”

Brett Todd. Client.

“Nilesh Nandan – a purely professional bloke who has undoubted and tremendous immigration litigation skills. I’ve never known, met or dealt with another lawyer or agent in the past who more knowledgeable or focused on immigration. He surely has the ability to trouble-shoot a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle him or distract from his drive to fix things, which of course, makes him extremely tough to pass him by, if you need a top immigration lawyer. I strongly think that he is also one of the most ethical and focussed lawyers I’ve ever known .”

Dimpy Singh. Client. Entrepreneur.

“Professional, honest and always responsive during a difficult time. Thank you.”

Stelios Anastasiou. Client.

“Nilesh is the grey haired must-consult man in the Immigration space, except he doesn’t yet have the grey hair. Bastard! “

Kingsley Allen. Entrepreneur.

“We have been a client of MyVisa for almost 3 years now and every interaction I have had with the team has been a positive experience. Nilesh is one of the best professionals I have met. I appreciate his outstanding presentation skills, knowledge, honesty and ability to think for solutions outside the box. Couldn’t have made it without him to where I am today. Recommend his services any day.”

Sahil Nijhawan. Client.

“Very competent & extremely reliable person. Found Nilesh to be extremely helpful… He has stepped up and helped vulnerable people during some very tough times. I respect him for that.”

Uzma Beg. Media Personality.

“Nilesh Nandan is without doubt am impressively knowledgeable consultant in his field. My personal experience in business dealings with him have always been positive and he has always achieved every desired outcome for me.”

Tommy Lawson. Client. Entertainer.

“Highly recommend the services of Nilesh Nandan, a vastly knowledgeable and thorough professional.”

Faruk Sufi. Client

“Nilesh is a talented immigration lawyer who knows how to run successful service businesses. There is integrity and professionalism in everything he does.”

Ikky Khan. Colleague.

“Professional, fast, efficient. It’s great to work with someone who is realistic and always delivers what is promised.”

Warren Burns. Client. Entrepreneur.

“Nilesh Nandan is on our Australian Immigration Lawyer referral list. Nilesh has been in the immigration field in Australia for a long time now, is very experienced and knowledgable about his subject matter. Nilesh’s background in law and business, positions him well to deal practically with complex cases. He has a “can do” mantra and always is forward thinking, which serves his clients well and produces the results they desire.”

Kamil Lakshman. Lawyer.

“I will always be greatful to Nilesh, not just for his professionalism but above all things, his compassion.”

Dominic Freeman. Client.

“I have referred a number of people to Nilesh. He brings an energy and commitment to his work and clients that means he can always be trusted and relied on.”

Arjun Chhabra. Barrister.

“My lawyer Nilesh and his team have done amazing work and went beyond all my expectations in the process of getting my visa application approved. Now my son who is coming soon will be able to call Australia home, sweet home.
The investment was affordable and worth it. “

Celso Pereira. Client.

“Very true and honest bloke – good at his work. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Mark Spoors. Client.

“Nilesh’s experience and passion for his work make him an excellent mentor. He definitely inspired me to learn more about immigration law and continues to encourage me, beyond my internship. His honesty and practicality in resolving visa matters is noted by many, not just his core team. “

Kat De Jesus. Former Intern.

“I first employed the services of MyVisa seven years ago. After a few different visas, I’m now an Australian citizen. Nilesh and his team are a pleasure to deal with.”

James Davies. Client.

“Nilesh engaged our company many years ago to custom design and modify informations system for his immigration practice. He was always ahead of his time. I value, respect and honour him because in everything he does, he brings his incredible passion, has a long term perspective and makes a real difference to outcomes. “

Bronwyn Clarke. Vendor to MyVisa. Entrepreneur.

“Nilesh is exceedingly knowledgeable and thorough. With a great team he delivers 10/10 customer experience along with the best immigration outcomes.”

CS Srikanth. Client.

“I had good experience with my 457 visa application. The help you provided was professional and informative.”

Mesut Muhaciroglu. Client.

“Nilesh and his team excel at taking all the stress out of the most stressful applications.”

Lewis Jaffrey. Client.

““Exceptional immigration law specialist, if not the best in Australia. Efficient, effective lawyer… with great results.”

Babu Singh, Lawyer. Notary Public.

“My experience was that Nilesh professional and efficient. As a business owner I appreciate the fast informative services that were provided to complete my business sponsorship application. I would highly recommend.”
Michael Kay. Entrepreneur. Client.


I’ve helped thousands of visa applicants and their sponsors make better Immigration applications, fight unfair Immigration decisions and preserve their permanent residence status. I also assist with passport issues and help permanent residents get their Australian citizenship. In the last 15 years, I’ve worked throughout Australia. I’m lucky to work with Australia’s best Administrative Law barristers, driving MRT and RRT appeals in Australia’s Federal Circuit Courts.
For a realistic game plan, book into one our personal, strictly confidential visa consultations.
Because you don’t know what you don’t know.


Nilesh Nandan
BBus(Accy) LLB GDLP(QUT) MBA(IntBus)
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