Parent Visa: A Guide To Parent Visa For Australia

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The Australian Program allows Australian citizens or permanent residents and certain eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor parents to come to Australia temporarily and permanently on a parent visa.

Over the years there has been much debate as to how easy it should be for Australians to bring their parents into the country. I believe it has become a lot easier now than ever before with the introduction of The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 870).

Of course, there’s always debate as to whether or not the high price for the Contributory Parent Visa subclass 143 is justified and whether or not it is equitable. After all, everyone loves their parents but whether or not they have an extra $50,000.00 for Mum’s and another $50,000 for Dad’s is another question, right?

If you would like a discussion regarding a parent or parent-in-law, book a consultation with me. I prefer to call this the ‘mother-in-law’ visa because usually, it’s the spouse’s daughter-in-law or son-in-law that seeks out my help.

Do you need a parent visa or an in-law visa?  Book a consultation with me for further assistance.

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