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Best Immigration Lawyer, Nilesh Nandan

Nilesh Nandan: Immigration Lawyer

Who are the best immigration lawyers in Australia?

I’m Nilesh Nandan – Australia’s Best Immigration Lawyer. I lead the immigration team at MyVisa®.
You see…I get asked to fix more visa refusal and visa cancellation decisions than most people on the planet.
This means I get to review around 70 immigration decisions every week. I’ve been doing this now for 21 years. This exposure helps you save money, but perhaps more importantly, helps you save time and avoid heartache.
I’ll make sure you make the right application with the best submissions, every time.
MyVisa® By Nilesh Nandan
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Why do clients trust me?

Clients like you trust me to engage with them in a practical no-nonsense way. I’m supported by Australia’s smartest legal brains. They help me bring about spectacular results, whether it is for a simple bridging visa application (see my reviews below) or whether it is winning groundbreaking cases (see my cases below). I represent everybody – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (See press articles below). My clients come to me from all walks of life and all parts of this planet. The approach I have is the same for everyone – honesty and laser-focus, peppered with school-boy ambition and the industry’s most curious mind.

100% Guarantee. Seriously?

I can’t guarantee the grant of any visa. This is simply because no ethical legal practitioner will do that. In fact, run a mile if someone gives you a guarantee that your case will be approved! With this in mind, I can offer you a limited and honest 100% guarantee. I guarantee that I'll help you make the best strategic application decisions and better immigration submissions.

What You'll Get From Me

Pick my brains. Access my practical knowledge of Australian immigration laws. Above all, get to feel confident about what application to file next. Come to me if you want more. Rather than someone simply filling in forms for you, get my help you make better decisions. Isn't that what you really need? Better decision making?

Stop Worrying!

Stop worrying about what's lacking in your application. Let me respond to request letters and notices. Get a grip on your progress of you listed applications and make visa approval know likely. Then let's get Australian citizenship faster.

Nilesh Nandan - Immigration Lawyer - Recent Press Articles

Nilesh Nandan In The News. MyVisa® Top Immigration Lawyer. As featured on SBS, ABC News, The Guardian, The Australian Newspaper.
Nilesh Nandan in the press, As Seen In The Guardian Article On Protection Visa Win In Full Federal Court
Source: Dave Hunt/AAP

Nilesh Nandan As Seen In The Guardian Article On Protection Visa Win In Full Federal Court

“homosexuality was a matter in which many people held deeply ingrained, and sometimes unconscious, beliefs and assumptions.”

“This can cause real difficulties in circumstances where a decision-maker may be unable to separate certain such assumptions from the decision-making process”

— The Indian asylum seeker’s lawyer, Nilesh Nandan, told the Guardian


Temporary visa women with family violence by Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer In the press
Source: Antonio Guillem/GettyImages

Nilesh Nandan As Seen In The SBS Article On Family Violence Provision

“it is particularly earth-shattering for temporary visa-holding women in Australia who have no such safety net as the Migration Act only safeguards partner visa applicants.”

— Immigration lawyer Nilesh Nandan says


Nilesh Nandan In The Press, As Seen In This SBS Article On Immigration News
Source: SBS

Nilesh Nandan As Seen In This SBS Article On Immigration News

“It’s going to delay the ability for somebody to lodge a valid application because it needs to overcome that first threshold of getting a sponsor approved to be able to sponsor.”

— Nilesh Nandan, special counsel with My Visa Australia, a national immigration practice.


Cases by Nilesh Nandan

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Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer

About Nilesh Nandan – Immigration Lawyer BBUS (Accy) LLB (QUT) GDLP MBA RMA 0104983

I was admitted to practice law in Australia in 1993. I first became registered as an Australian Migration Agent when launching MyVisa in 1999. Managing immigration applications is all I’ve ever done since. And I love it!

My first desk (one which I could truly call my own) was a crude bench in a shared cubicle, above an inner-city chicken shop.

Today I operate multiple offices across Australia, including locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

I don't want to be surprised!

0 Days Experience Getting Approvals

Its easier to get the outcome you want when at least one of us knows what they are doing 😉

0 Australia Wide Locations

Meet me where it suits you. Or schedule a telephone conference if you just can't wait.

0 Completed Consultations

Don't be that test case for an inexperienced advisor looking to get experience with your life story.

I’ve now spent more than 20,000 hours advising visa applicants and their sponsors. Every day I travel to one of our MyVisa® offices Australia-wide. I meet with clients like you, face-to-face, or offer my advice by telephone in cases where things need to be actioned urgently.

I migrated with my parents, two older sisters and younger brother to Australia in 1976, after the Australian Labour Party abandoned the White Australia Policy, landing in Australia by boat.

I started school at the local public primary school, riding there daily on my Madison 10-speed racer. I became studious in the hope that better marks would immunise me from school-yard bullying. That didn’t work.

I attended Brisbane Grammar School, loved math, reluctantly learned Latin, and played rugby before studying law and accounting at QUT. The QUT program in 1987 was one of Australia’s first combined degrees.

In 1990, I attended Harvard University and completed their Business Case Study Program, a foundation program for their MBA. I returned from the US to Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I also completed an MBA in International Business.

About MyVisa, Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer
Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer

Having dedicated all my professional life to Immigration Law, I have now helped several thousand visa applicants and their families get visa grants. I’ve been involved in hundreds of visa appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the “AAT”, previously called the “MRT”).

My work involves persuading decision-makers to grant visas.

I can represent you at several levels – Departmental, Ministerial Intervention, AAT, IAA, Federal Circuit Court, as well as the Federal Court. Can you benefit from my experience?

Refusals and Cancellations

 I have a special interest (and exceptional success rate) in assisting with visa refusals and visa cancellations. Our practice runs many immigration appeals. I’m fortunate to have been trusted to personally handle more refusals and appeals than most immigration experts would see in their entire careers.

Client Feedback
Client Feedback

Learning & Teaching

I also get great satisfaction mentoring new immigration lawyers who queue up to complete their Practical Legal Training (PLT) with us, and I assist migration agents with their own practices issues. At the same time, I’m blessed to receive mentoring from immigration lawyers and barristers who are far senior to me.

MyVisa®Labs Online Zoom Session By Nilesh Nandan and MyVisa® Team

Get Started

I feel incredibly privileged to assist people like you. My satisfaction comes from helping you get a better outcome. Our fees are more expensive than many agents and some applicants simply won’t be able to afford our fees. I act for a select group of applicants and sponsors who need street-smart, practical advice, fast. Can I help you?

MyVisa® Australia takes care of all visa, sponsorship and citizenship application lodgments and approvals. This involves representation at the Department of Immigration, the Australian Passports Office and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

MyVisa® Lawyers supports visa applicants and their sponsors in appeals made to the Federal Circuit Court and to the Federal Court of Australia.