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Ieva Vaityte, Chief Immigration Advisor, MyVisa® Australia



Ieva Vaityte, Chief Immigration Advisor, MyVisa® Australia

When I joined Nilesh nearly 6 years ago, there was something refreshing about his service offering. He simply wanted to be a better immigration lawyer – not necessarily the best – just a little better, every day. Nilesh takes himself very very seriously and is perhaps the most diligent worker I have ever met.

What is special about him is that he is creative yet conservative – and relentless in his quest for a better outcome. At times the best outcomes are elusive and that is when he is hardest on himself. This is the biggest difference between what our practice can offer you – a commitment to getting the best outcome for you, not just “an” outcome –  and what you might perhaps get from less passionate immigration lawyers and migration agents.

Nilesh Nandan, Immigration Lawyer, MyVisa Australia

Nilesh Nandan, Immigration Lawyer, MyVisa Australia

(As seen in The Australian Newspaper, Youtube and the corridors of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court of Australia)

Ieva and Nilesh work in a high energy boutique firm. In eighteen years of private immigration practice, I’ve yet to find a sharper immigration mind. Since working together with Ieva, I’ve enjoyed exceptionally high success rates in visa applications and appeals.

About Nilesh Nandan

Nilesh had come to Australia in 1976 after Labour abandoned the White Australia Policy. He studied hard and after getting admitted in 1993, he worked for others before launching in 1999.

Nilesh started off with one table on top of a chicken shop with one shared cubicle.

In 2000 MyVisa® Australia and Craddock Murray Neumann joined forces to blitz the immigration services market. I ran intense immigration task forces across Australia. I remember being in the middle of SA at the Woomera Immigration Detention Center, sitting alone when the planes slammed into the World Trade Towers.

Some things change and some stay the same. Today I still chare one cubicle but Ieva and I travel daily to one of the  4 MyVisa®Australia offices across Australia. Ieva and I visit clients like you face-to -face each day across Australia or advise you and your families by telephone conference.

We have now shared in 1000’s of successful visa outcomes, 100s of AAT (MRT) appeals and perhaps more Federal Court Immigration Appeals than most immigration experts would see in a lifetime.

We are both immigrants who feel incredibly privileged to assist people like you. Our satisfaction comes from helping you get a better outcome with Immigration.

Try us today and see the difference. Book your Immigration Specialist online or call us.

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