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Immigration Services Offered by MyVisa® Immigration Lawyers. What Help Do You Need To Get The Results You Want?
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    Decide what application to file

    Everyone has an opportunity to file an application. We’ll give you confidence in recommendation which applications to file, and in the precise order for maximising the chances of getting you immigration outcome faster.

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    Prepare and lodge applications

    Once we are clear on what applications need to be made, we’ll file these for you. Complete and on-time putting your best foot forward not matter what your circumstances.

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    Respond to requests for information

    Instead of receiving intimidating letters from the Department of Immigration, we’ll stand between you and the Department and work with you to respond in the best possible way.

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    Get traction on applications that are lost in the system

    Sometimes things go astray at Immigration. It’s a big Department and if you’ve lost momentum, we’ll help you get traction with the any undue delay issues you experience.

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    Appeal refusal and cancellation decisions

    When things go wrong at Immigration, they tend to go very wrong and the consequences can be severe and costly. We’ll help make the best possible appeal if things don’t go your way at the beginning.

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    Obtain Australian citizenship

    After achieving permanent residence, insure against losing it. We’ll help you get Australian citizenship so what you’ve worked so hard at getting, isn’t at risk of being taken away from you.

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    8503 Waiver

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A 100% guarantee

We can’t guarantee the grant of any visa, but we do offer a 100% guarantee that we’ll help you make better Immigration applications and submission.
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