Visitor Visa: A Guide To Visitor Visa Subclass 600 For Australia [Updated 2020]

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Are you looking for a visitor visa for Australia? To be a genuine visitor you must intend to stay in Australia temporarily only and in particular not to work in Australia. If the Department of Immigration has concerns you will not comply with the conditions of the visa in any way you will be denied a visa for Australia.

I often help clients deal with visa refusals.  This is usually because overseas applicants think that Australia may be lenient with their visa application. This is not normally the case. It is very important that if you receive a visitor visa refusal, you obtain some advice before you relodge the application. Failure to do so will almost certainly secure you a second visitor visa refusal. I do help people who have multiple visitor visa refusals but of course, the matter becomes more complicated with each visa refusal. Sometimes it is impossible to resolve with a positive result.  

Visitor visas are able to be applied for online without any assistance and in most cases, you do not need the assistance of a migration lawyer like me. You should understand that a visitor visa can be applied for in most cases outside of Australia (offshore) but also in limited cases when you are already inside Australia (onshore). There are different streams to visitor visas and you should be careful which stream you choose. If you have relatives in Australia, the sponsored family visitor visa stream might be relevant for you. 

For a discussion about making an application for a visitor visa to enter Australia or for making a further visitor visa application or visitor visa extension whilst onshore, please book in a chat with me to discuss your options.

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