Expression Of Interest: A Guide To Making An Application For Expression Of Interest [Update 2021]

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One of the clever ways that Immigration has devised to ensure that it does not have a huge backlog of pending visa applications, is by using the EOI.

This concept is all about getting people with certain skill sets to provide an EOI to the Australian Government, that they wish to be considered for an Australia visa. What is relevant is that the EOI is not an application under the Migration Act and as such, does not have to be decided.

It can simply sit there and fester without any requirement on the Case Officer to assess the application in any way. This EOI mechanism allows the Department to regularly select the cream of the crop when deciding to grant permanent visas under skilled migration programs.

The expression of interest is very similar to making an application for a visa, however, because it is not a visa application, it does not allow for any appeal rights.

If you are serious about a skilled migration application, then the expression of interest application is a very preliminary step that you should go through. It is a strong foundation for any visa grant opportunity in the future.

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