GTE Requirement: A Guide To Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement For Australian Visas [Update 2021]

GTE Requirement: A Guide To Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement For Australian Visas By Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer

What Does GTE Stand For?

GTE mean Genuine Temporary Entrant. 

According to the Australian Visa Regulations, you are required to meet the GTE requirement for many temporary residence visas.

What Is the GTE Requirement?

To meet the criteria for temporary residency (a temporary visa for Australia), you will need to persuade the Department deciding maker that you are indeed a GTE. 

This means that you must demonstrate that you have good reason to return to your home country after your temporary start stay and show that you were not using the temporary residence visa to stay long term or permanently in Australia. 

This is really quite nonsensical. Most skilled migrants in student visas for example would like to apply for permanent stay after studies and Australian work experience is completed. 

If you already have a parallel application being made for a Permanent Residence visa, this GTE requirement in respect of any temporary visa you need in the interim, can prove problematic.

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GTE and Student Visas

The Genuine Temporary Entrant criterion for student visa applications requires the Minister to be satisfied that you intend genuinely to stay in Australia temporarily, having regard to:

  • your circumstances; and
  • your immigration history; and
  • if you are a minor — the intentions of a parent, legal guardian, or spouse of you; and
  • any other relevant matter.

If you have concerns that immigration may identify you as being a visa holder that is perhaps not a genuine temporary entrant, then please book in a consultation with me to best discuss how to put your case forward.

GTE With Visitor Visa

There are different streams of a visitor visa. You need to consider carefully not to spread that you are hoping to stay beyond the term of the visa being applied for. 

Yes, GTE requirements suck! 

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Satisfy the GTE requirement

To satisfy the GTE requirement, you will usually provide a personal statement to explain why you meet the requirement.

GTE statements should cover your circumstances in your home country relative to your potential circumstances in Australia, your Immigration history, and for student visas, you will want to include the value of the course to your future. 

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