Waiving visa condition ‘No Further Stay’

Nilesh Nanda MyVisa Australia Lawyer & Agent

How can I apply for another visa if the “no further stay” condition applies to me?

Good news! There might be a way of getting around the “no further stay” condition.

The three most important questions you must know the answers to, are:

  1. Is the visa granted to me affected by any “no further stay” condition. This might not be too obvious.
  2. If affected by the no further stay condition, then is the “next” visa I’m seeking to apply for, an exception to the general “no further stay” rule?
  3. If none of the exception in terms of the next visa I need to apply for are applicable, then can I seek a waiver by meeting the waiver requirements?

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Do you know the answers to these questions?
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