How to appeal to the AAT?

In general, an online application can be lodged in relation to any refusal or cancellation.

There are a few important tips that need to be aware of:

  1. file in the correct division right Division of the AAT (the majority of the migration decision goes to the Migration and Refugee Division (MRD) but some of the decisions including those under s. 501 of the Migration Act relating to a criminal record and some and citizenship decisions are filed in the General Division of the AAT;
  2. strict time limits: depending on the refusal/cancellation, it is necessary to lodge the review application within the strict time frame. Generally, the notification will have all the information in relation to the time frames and right division, however, it is prudent to check the relevant regulations before lodging a review application.
  3. Always request a copy of the recording of your hearing at the end of the hearing.
  4. There is not required for the AAT to tell you of the hearing date until the last minute. You should keep asking the AAT if you matter has been allocated a hearing date. They can’t hide this information from you.

Once the review application has been lodged with the right division within the timeframe with the correct review application form, then there is time to prepare the submissions, as described under visa refusals and visa cancellations.

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