Section 116 Cancellation: A Guide To Visa Cancellation Under Section 116 [Update 2021]

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Here are the top reasons why your visa might be subject to cancellation via a decision maker at the Department of Immigration or by the Minister personally. 

Firstly, if the decision to grant your visa was based wholly or partly on something that no longer exists this could be the basis for cancellation.

  • You have not complied with the conditions of a visa which you have been granted.
  • You have not entered Australia and cleared yourself through Immigration within the prescribed time line. 
  • Your presence in Australia would risk the health and safety or good order of the Australian Community.  
  • You are not a genuine student and the Minister is no longer satisfied with your identity.
  • Finally, incorrect information was given to the Department or incorrect information was taken into account by the Department while making the decision to grant you a visa.

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