Section 501 Revocation: A Guide To Making A Revocation Application After A 501 Cancellation

Section 501 Revocation: A Guide To Making A Revocation Application After A 501 Cancellation

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When someone in the Department, other than the Minister or Assistant Minister, decides to cancel your visa under section 501 of the Migration Act, you typically have the opportunity to seek a revocation of that decision. Acting promptly is crucial if you wish to pursue a revocation. Be aware that obtaining a determination regarding the revocation may still take a long time.

A decision to seek revocation of the visa cancellation must be made within the prescribed time frame. It’s essential to make even a skeleton response within this time, as you can submit additional materials later until the decision is finalized. This means that after the initial submission, further supporting documents, such as psychologist reports, can be added to support the revocation application.

If you need help with making a further submission for a revocation application already lodged, please contact my office. If you need assistance for a loved one in Immigration Detention with making an application, please contact my office. Sometimes, the cancellation decision is made while the visa holder is still in prison. In such cases, I can directly contact anyone in prison to obtain their instructions and make the best possible submission for revocation, if feasible.

Please contact me for a consultation to discuss your particular circumstances, whether you are the visa holder or a loved one of the visa holder affected by a cancellation under section 501.

New Direction 110 (Effective June 24, 2024)

As of June 24, 2024, a new Direction 110 has come into effect, impacting how revocation applications under section 501 are handled. This Direction provides updated guidelines and procedures for seeking revocation, emphasizing the need for comprehensive and timely submissions. Ensure your application aligns with the new requirements to maximize your chances of success.

For detailed assistance and to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines under Direction 110, please reach out to my office. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of the revocation process and provide the support you need during this challenging time.

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