Public Interest Criteria: A Guide To Satisfy Public Interest Criteria 4005, 4007 & 4020

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Almost every visa application for Australia will be subject to Schedule 4 of the Migration Regulations, which contains the public interest criteria, however, there are some exceptions. Schedule 4 Criteria are conditions that must be met in relation to health and character. The character test can be found in PIC 4001. Other common Schedule 4 requirements include PIC 4020 which relates to the provision, by the visa holder, of false and misleading information or the provision, by the visa holder, of bogus documents.

Schedule 4 also includes PIC 4005 which is a health requirement that is applicable to many visa classes and subclasses. PIC 4007 is a slightly more beneficial criterion, which applies to limited subclasses of visas, and allows for the waiver of health requirements in special circumstances. 

Should you wish to discuss with me any concerns you may have about a visa holder or a member of the family unit of a visa holder, that is specifically about character, then please book a consult with me here.

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