Form MR5 – Appointment Of Representative And Appointment Of Authorised Recipient [Update 2024]

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Form MR 5

Appointment of Representative / Appointment of Authorised Recipient

Divisions of the Administrative Appeal Tribunal

The Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) was previously known as the “MRT”, hence the name of the form! To manage its work more effectively, the AAT has different divisions handling different issues.

  • Freedom of Information Division 
  • General Division
  • Migration & Refugee Division (including the Immigration Assessment Authority)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Division 
  • Security Division
  • Small Business Taxation Division
  • Social Services & Child Support Division
  • Taxation & Commercial Division, and
  • Veterans’ Appeals Division

Use form MR5 in the MRD

Form MR5 is used in the Migration & Refugee Division (MRD) only. Its purpose is to formally tell the MRD division of the tribunal who represents you and how communications with you will be made.

Different forms will be required if you are filing in the AAT’s other divisions.

How does the Tribunal use form MR5?

It is not necessary to nominate a representative – you may choose to deal with the Tribunal directly. However, if you have difficulty communicating with the Tribunal yourself or you have a representative who is a migration agent or an immigration lawyer like me, you will need to fill in their contact details on this form. Then you must inform the Tribunal to send the relevant correspondence for your pending matter to this representative.

What will happen after you submit form MR5?

After the Tribunal has received your form MR5, your representative can make written submissions including filing relevant evidence/documents to support your application in the Tribunal. 

Also, it gives the authority to your representative to make enquiries about your matter at the Tribunal and appear with you to represent you at any hearing scheduled before the Tribunal.

When should you submit form MR5?

You are obligated to inform the Tribunal of any changes in your representatives. Otherwise, your failure to do so may result in missing critical information or requests and deadlines which will severely affect your matter.

Your Experience?

Please share your comments with me.

I’d like to know more about the difficulties you are experiencing with completing this form or changing representatives at the AAT. Please share your comments here and I’ll see if I can make life a little easier for everybody.

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