457 Visa Requirements & Criteria

457 Visas

What is a 457 Visa?

Also known as a “work visa” or a “work permit” or “temporary business entry”, a 457 visa allows work in Australia for a period of between 1 day and 48 months. The 457 visa program is one of Australia’s largest visa programs.  Visa holders are usually able to work for their sponsoring employer only (notable exception: Doctors).  Visa holders can work in Australia and have their partners and any children live in Australia with them (and work, in they desire). There is typically no restriction on the work that can be undertaken by partners of 457 visa holders. Dependant  visa holders are therefor said to hold the most flexible temporary visa on the planet!

How do I get a 457 visa?

There are three separate applications and approvals required for the 457 visa program.

  • Firstly, an employer must be approved to sponsor foreign workers to be granted a work visa.
  • Secondly, a position must be approved for the sponsored worker. This is a called a Nomination Application.
  • Thirdly, a  visa application must be approved.

Recent changes in 457 visa rules (now managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection “DIBP”) have made 457 visa grants more difficult by raising English language requirements and by introducing more tests to confirm whether nominations (job vacancies filled by 457 visa workers) can not first be filled by Australian citizens or permanent residents. Labour Market Testing (“LMT”) is a step back to the dark ages, a decade ago, when LMT was a part of the 457 visa process.

How much does a 457 Visa cost?

Each of the three approvals (Business Sponsor Approval, Nomination Approval and 457 Visa) attract a fee upon lodgement of the application with the Department of Immigration (DIBP).

A schedule of fees and charges applicable to applications lodged at DIBP is published regularly.

DIBP fees for Standard Business Sponsorship Applications are now $420.

DIBP fees for Nomination Applications are now $330.

DIBP fees for 457 Visa Applications are now $1035 and additional fees apply for secondary applicants.

If you use an Immigration Lawyer or Registered Australian Migration Agent, additional fees are payable to Immigration Lawyers and Agents. The amount of the fee will depend on the level of skill of the Immigration Law Specialist, the complexity of the applications, the number of applicants, and the urgency of the application.

At our consultations, we’ll help you to:

  • Identity the most appropriate immigration application you need to make;
  • Select the best 457 occupation from the consolidated skilled occupation list; and
  • Prepare and lodge all Standard Business Sponsor Applications, 457 Nomination Applications and 457 Visa applications.

FAQs about 457 Visa applications

More questions about 457 via criteria? Check out our 457 Visa FAQ page.

Get started now with 457 Visa Applications

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    hi wanted to know if I work in a firm,
    itself and I do not have the 457 visa, she can apply for a 457 visa for me.



    • Nilesh Nandan Reply

      Hi Dilbagh
      Chances are that you are barred by Section 48 of the Migration Act, from lodging any further application, including any 457 visa application, onshore. But it is common for us to lodge the nomination for the 457 and get it approved and then send you offshore to lodge the 457 visa grant. Please contact me to discuss further.
      Nilesh Nandan

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    Can I buy any business to sponser myself

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    hi i am already a 457 visa working in australia for about 1year now.. i have a girlfriend which is a student visa here.. it so happen that her student visa will expire on june 5 2013. just wanna ask if she can be a extension of my 457 visa.. but the problem is looks like my company dont want to take any responsibility and wont sponsor for a extension or fiancee visa… is there any chance that my gf can be the extension of my 457 visa thanks….

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    Hello, Me and my family are here in Toowoomba,Queensland for a holiday now and our visa has a no further stay clause,I am looking for a job which provide sponsorship but why is that most of the job i went through are asking for a payment of eighter 40,000 AUD of 45,000 AUD and most of them want me to pay it in cash, We really love it here in Queensland but I cant afford to pay that much in one time payment, I can do that if someone will offer me with a salary deduction. Our visa is until the 22nd of May and we will be back in the Philippines, I hope you could help me out Mr. Nilesh were to apply so we can just have a bridging visa instead, thank you very much and hoping for your favorably response.

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    By the way sir, I have a 10 years experience in a five star hotel in the Philippines as a Catain Waiter, a Wine Captain, a Banquet In charge and a Cashier as well and familiar in using micros system,and I also study and a vocational training on welding. Thank you.

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    i from Melbourne. i have bridging visa E. i have a employer who wanna to help me with sponsorship. but im not quite sure that what do i need before lodge the application.
    i have done Cert III in commercial cookery (got this certificate by RPL(recognition prior learning).
    Cert IV in Business
    diploma in Business
    got IELTS at least 5 each band.
    i have work experience of more than 3 years (including 3 months in TAX)
    can you tell me if im eligible to apply for 457 Visa?

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    Hi Nilesh, I moved from India along with my spouse on a company sponsored 457….my wife has the same 457 subclass as I do but is finding it hard to get a job although she is well experienced and qualified….is placements something ur firm can help with? Thanks

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    Ive just met Nilesh in regards to teh complexity of my visa , Im sure a lot of people write testemonials in regards to when an application is succesful , however I m not sure whether my application will get approved or not what I want people to know is these guys are the best proffesionals you would meet in the market . Meeting them will give you a hope that they will work hard enough to get people accross the line and not stitch people like immigration agents out there do . Right from the first call I made till the time I met Nilesh its a great process and moreover they educate you with the nature of your case as well, I can say I ve had no regrets in signing up with these guys and I hope my file gets approved for 457 .

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    Hi. I applied my 885 visa on 2011 as I am on bridging visa but I want to withdraw my file and apply fr 475 visa bec my compani where I am working As a supervisor since 5 yers want to spencer will that work? Pls reply me . Thanks

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    I am on MRT can you help see if you can win my case i don’t want to leave Australia . ( applied for 485 without Ielts and case officer rejected my visa )


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    hi my student visa is cancelled and MRT also I apply in fedral court. i can apply for 457 visa

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    i am basil,
    is there any changes in ielts in case of 457 visa recently .i am doing a BRIDGING PROGRAMME in Australia to become a DIVISION 1 NURSE,i am doing it without ielts programme.plz give further information regarding this

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    i am Industrial Engineer, I have got a year of experience in Colombia and i have got a score of 5.5 in the EILTS text. i would like to apply for sponsorship but i can not find the right job. and also I would like to ask you if you know if there are some way that i can apply for permanent resident could you give me an advise

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    Currently I am on student visa and i will be graduating end of December 2013. Can i apply for 457 visa before expiry of student visa ? If yes then what will happen to my student visa.

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