One of the most common questions that I’m asked is “how long will it take for my Australian visa to be processed?”

Processing times vary depending on the quality of the application that you’ve lodged and the degree of difficulty that decision-makers have in relation to finalising your application.

Fortunately the department handles many many visa applications each day and processes many immigration decisions within a reasonable period of time.

Immigration publishes the average times currently being taken by delegates to make decisions in relation to each visa subclasses.

You can view these times at the following link. Be sure to note that these times are indicative only and actual times will vary.

visa processing times

It is also important to note that if visa program changes are made, and these are quite common, you can expect that these historical published processing times can change without notice ….as they are historical and subjects to frequent internal departmental re-structures.

If your application is taking way too long and there a compelling reasons why a decision is required sooner rather than later then contact us and let’s discuss what can be done in terms of getting a faster decision.

  • I think it would be relevant to talk about how long immigrations is currently taking to even start processing visas. My partner applied as a subsequent entrant on my 457 visa 4 months ago and his application status is still “received”. I’ve read about people who applied 7 months ago and are still showing “received”. According to home affairs, they are currently processing applications lodged on Oct 5 2017.
    This is highly frustrating, especially for people waiting to be reunited.

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