Section 501 Revocation: A Guide To Making A Revocation Application After A 501 Cancellation [Update 2021]

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When somebody in the Department, other than the Minister or Assistant Minister, makes a decision to cancel your visa, under section 501 of the Migration Act, you may typically have an opportunity to seek a revocation of that decision. You must act promptly if you wish to seek a revocation of the decision. Please be aware that you may still have to wait a very long time to get a determination regarding the revocation of the Department’s decision.


A decision to seek revocation of the cancellation of a visa must be made within the prescribed time. It is important to note that even making a skeleton response within the prescribed time is very important, as additional submissions may be made afterwards up until the decision is made. This means that after making the initial submission, within the prescribed time, a visa holder may be able to put in further supporting materials, including psychologists reports, in support of their application for revocation.


If you would help in making a further submission about a revocation application that is already being lodged, then please contact my office. If you would like me to assist a loved one at Immigration Detention, with making an application, then please contact my office. Sometimes the cancellation decision is made whilst the visa holder is still in prison. If this is the case, I may be able to directly contact anyone in prison, to get their instructions in relation to making the best possible submission for revocation if one is possible. 


Please contact me for a consultation to discuss what can be done in your particular circumstances, whether you are the visa holder or a loved one of the visa holder, that has been cancelled under section 501.

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