Schedule 3 – Delayed Applications For Onshore Visas

Have you failed to meet schedule 3 requirements?

The Schedule 3 Problem

You must satisfy the additional criteria set out in the Schedule when you lodge a visa application in Australia and you are not the holder of a substantive visa at the time of grant. The applicant will usually be on a bridging visa in Australia or unlawful when the application is made in Australia and is also in Australia when the decision is made.

Faster Schedule 3 Refusals

Immigration Case Officers are now quickly refusing visas based solely on a failure to meet Schedule 3 criteria. They are not necessarily looking at other substantive criteria. So if you have lodged an application while holding a bridging visa, don’t expect that your case will remain un-opened for the usually long period. However, its more likely the case officers will quickly refuse your case.

Harsher Schedule 3 Decisions

Immigration Case Officers are not required to ask you to make submissions for failing to meet Schedule 3 criteria or why the criteria should be waived. They can simply refuse the application without referring back to you. This means you should seek to address the criteria in detailed submissions as quickly as possible.

Confusing Schedule 3 Terminology

The wording of the Schedule can be confusing to most people. This has caused many to fail to address the issues correctly, leading to certain refusal. So, be clear about what to do. On the one hand, your submission is to argue that the criteria are in fact satisfied, or on the other hand, whether you are seeking a waiver of the criteria or both!


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  • Hi
    My name is baljinder. I have applied 457 visa from India but I have come back to Australia as my traveling visa expired. Now I am in Australia and department asked me to send all required documents and information. But my lawyer they asking me 3000 to pay to work on schedule 3 process . But I can’t pay as I don’t have money. So its my request to you could you please help me to suggest any link or website so i can prepare my case(schedule 3) by myself. Its been 4 years I am in Australia and I have more around 3 years experience and now i have Bridging visaA.

    • These schedule 3 submissions are essential. You could meet all the normal criteria for the grant, but if you are unable to show compelling reasons within the meaning of schedule 3, then your application must be refused. I can go through what might be the strongest arguments for you. No two people will have the exactly same arguments and submissions – these need to be credible and tailored. I expect you will be rejected by the DIBP and will need to make an application to the AAT for a review of your visa refusal decision unless you have credible reasons on the one hand AND you are able to articulate and persuade the decision maker on the other hand.
      Please call me if you need my help. A standard consult fee of $370 applies.

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