Refugee Visa

Refugee Visas – Lodge Your Refugee Visa Application Quickly. There are three (3) key advantages for lodging your protection visa application as early as possible.

  1. your claims are far more credible
  2. you may forfeit favourable work rights conditions
  3. you might become ineligible for meeting the refugee visa rules

Filing Fees For Visa Applications

Fees for these types of visa are nominal (almost nothing) if you are not in immigration detention and nothing if you are currently in immigration detention.

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Legal Aid For Visa Applications

Try the following to assistance if you have no money to pay a private lawyer:

  1. legal aid refugee service
  2. refugee advice and casework service
  3. immigration advice and rights centre

Temporary Protection Visas For Refugees

The TPV (subclass 785) allows refugees to stay in Australia for up to three years if you are found to meet the legal tests that trigger Australia’s protection obligations, as well as some other criteria. I can advise on these requirements.

Permanent Residence Visas For Refugees

The PV subclass 866 allows refugees to stay permanently in Australia.

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