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Are we a free service?
ANo, there are fees associated with our consultations. Our standard service is $370.00 where we do a full case assessment and provide you with the advice, options and recommendations. A letter of advice is given to you at the conclusion of this service. For those who have that one burning question, we can help you with a quick answer over the phone for a small fee of $97.00
What sort of visa assistance do you provide?
AIf you have a some questions regarding your visa options, eligibility, refusal, cancellation or you would like to make a new visa application, we’re for you! Please contact us to arrange a consultation.
Do you provide assistance with visas to other countries?
ANo, we can only assist you with visas for Australia. Please contact the cosulate or embassy of the country you need a visa for. Here is a list: http://protocol.dfat.gov.au/Mission/list.rails
Are you Migration Agents or Migration Lawyers?
AWe are both! This means that we can assist you with applications to both the Department of Immigration and Federal Courts.
Do you offer payment plans?
A Yes! we offer payment plans for our professional fees. Please contact our office should you wish to find out more of our payment plans.