Prospective Marriage Visa Applications

Prospective marriage partners can apply for this visa (Subclass 300) and this visa MUST be applied offshore. This visa, granted for 9 months, allows the fiancé or fiancée of an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen to come into Australia for the purpose of marrying his/her intended partner and then living with him/her. Usually the sponsor must be of or over the age of 18.

This visa also allows the visa holder to hold work rights and makes them eligible to apply for a Partner Visa in Australia. Other entitlements of visa holders under this subclass includes right to study, however government funding is not given for this. Further rights include access to medicare, provided you are present in Australia have already applied for a Partner Visa.

The eligibility criteria guideline for this visa subclass are as follows:

  1. You must have sincere intention of marrying the fiancé or fiancée
  2. You must have genuine intention to live with the fiancé or fiancée as husband and wife.
  3. You must be of the Australian legal age of 18, at least, in order to marry. If you are between the ages of 16 and under 18, a court order from an Australian court will be needed to allow you to marry. Or you must both be of 18 at the time of marriage.
  4. In the case where the Australian fiance/fiancée is under the age of 18, his or her parent/guardian, who will be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen, will be your sponsor.
  5. You must have met as adults and should know your fiance/fiancée personally. This applies equally to arranged marriage and internet based relationship situations.Read more about Same Sex Partner Visa

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