PIC 4020 – Public Interest Criteria Fixing The 4020 Problem?

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PIC 4020 – Public Interest Criteria Fixing The 4020 Problem?

I’m an immigration lawyer that looks at lots and lots of PIC 4020 “invitation to comment” letters and “4020 visa refusals” each week.

Public Interest Criteria 4020: You Are Not Alone

There are many many visa applicants that are affected by PIC 4020. It’s because it’s an easy shot for the Minister or Minister’s Delegate (aka case officer) to take. It’s potentially fatal for you. The PIC 4020 card can be dealt with you even if you are innocent or negligent (or simply stupid) in providing information about your visa application.

But as they say, “it is not all over until its over”. If you’ve let yourself down, or you’ve been let down by someone who’s lodged the wrong documents on your behalf, then talk with me.

I can’t help everyone that is affected by PIC 4020. I’ll explain whether it’s possible to turn any actual or likely PIC 4020 decision around. We’ll discuss how to make the best of a bad situation.

Many immigration lawyers or so-called experts will offer to tackle this problem for you. But be careful! It’s not a problem for the faint-hearted. (You know this already because of the bad feeling in your stomach since being contacted by Immigration recently about your case).

…And it may need more than simple legal skills to properly resolve. You’ll need a good problem solver on your side, who understands the depth and breadth of the PIC 4020 clause. That person must be someone who can explain what has happened in your case, in a clear and logical way.

Most of all – your immigration lawyer’s explanation needs to be credible.

You may find it very useful to inquire about your next immigration lawyer whether they have actually been successful with a PIC 4020 case.

This is where I can help. I handle many cases, and I get to consider many many “invitation to comment letters” and PIC  refusals. I’ll help you avoid a further negative decision if it’s possible.

Public Interest Criteria 4020: Expert Help

Has your case already been flagged by your case officer as being affected by 4020?

Have you already received a notice disguised as an “invitation to comment”? This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Tread carefully!

Call me to discuss how we can help.


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