Partner visa – immigration update 2018

My comments on partner visa changes likely to affect all partner sponsored applications in the future, as reported by SBS.


  • Hi I just got this message randomly and now I have a query to make. My partner is still in NZ lawfully he’s been an overstayer for 14 years and he still in NZ while I’m residing here with my kids and I want to find an easy way to bring him over here..I am a NZ citizen and I want a special visa for my partner to come here so we can live together here..Pls get back to me pls.

    Kind regards

  • hello sir,
    i had applied for spouse visa in australia my lawful wife is studying MPA in sydney but recenty i got rejected because of my previous visa refusal record in 2009. It mention that because of financial fradulent i got rejected and still i got same reason that my income statment is not geniune but all the documents i have provided is geniune how can i apply again and is there any possiblities to apply and not get refused this time…please do help me.

    • Back in 2009 the rules relating to fraudulent documents including misleading statements and bogus documents were not as stringent as they are today.

      In the circumstances I which probably recommended to get immigration law advice in relation to public interest criteria 4020.

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