Immigration news

I love immigration news!

Every morning I rise early to work out at my local gym (ok! not every morning). More than working out, I love to read all of our newspapers.

I scan each immigration-related news article, looking for the notable and interesting articles. These update, affect, challenge and develop the ongoing conversation I have with all of you about Australian immigration.

Here is a selection of what I think will interest you, with the most recent news articles I’ve posted, at the top of this list:

Coalition should limit immigration to win the next election: Abbott | SBS News

18 April Announcement – Skilled Occupations (457 Visa Changes)

457 Visas Abolished? – Turnbull Raises More Questions Than answers!

Latest Skilled Occupation List revision expected to be announced soon.

485 Visa Requirements – Time Of Application Criteria – Quick Tip

Bridging Visa – Do I Have One Or Don’t I?

Genuine Position – 457 Nomination Refusal Followed By 457 Visa Refusal

Visa Rejection – Has Your Visa Application Been Rejected?

Bogus Documents Fixing The PIC 4020 Problem

8503 Condition Attached To Your Visa – Waiver Possible

Schedule 3 – Delayed Applications For Onshore Visas

PIC 4020 – Public Interest Criteria Fixing The 4020 Problem?

Health Requirement & Health Waivers

Australian Citizenship