MyVisa® 7-Day Email Assessment Service

MyVisa® 7-Day Email Assessment Service

As an immigration lawyer, I specialise in visa refusals and visa cancellations and Australian citizenship. I offer onshore applicants a 10-Minute-No-Charge chat for this purpose.

The 10-Minute-No-Charge chat is a general discussion, if you require specific legal advice about your circumstances, please book a consultation here. My consultation fee is $570.

If you would like an assessment of your options or pathways to permanent residency, I offer the MyVisa® 7-Day Email Assessment Service. The assessment service is a two-step process:
Step 1: Complete an online questionnaire.
Step 2: You’ll receive an assessment letter by email.
The price for this service is only $170.

If you are eligible for permanent residency, then you can discuss this strategy with me by telephone or video chat. You can upgrade from the $170 assessment to a $570 consultation by paying the gap between these two prices.

Our MyVisa® 7-Day Email Assessment Service gives you the opportunity to receive detailed professional feedback about your Australian immigration opportunities without significant cost outlay. It is a suitable service if you have no urgency and you are happy to receive guidance by email only.

What you will get for $170?

You will receive a written assessment of your options or any pathways to permanent residency within 7 days of your completion and submission of our MyVisa® 7-Day Email Assessment Service Questionnaire.

Our clients have found this to be a very cost-effective way of becoming better informed and gaining confidence in relation to their options toward permanent residency.

You can make payment now to get started!

Nilesh Nandan is Australia's most sought after immigration lawyer for visa refusals and visa cancellations. Appeal your visa or get help to relodge your Australian visa application or citizenship application.
  • Hi
    I am an experienced Dentist from Bangladesh with over 17 Years of experience. I Like to apply for skill migration as a Dental Hygienist | Therapist. I like to have a 10 minutes consultation. Can you please call me?

  • Hello Nilesh, whether judicial and other legal professional occupation is in demand and in which states as I am looking to apply for it. And kindly also let me know your fees, if I want to avail ur services in my PR application.

    • You will need to get your skills and your circumstances assessed. We offer a service at a reduced fee to explore opportunities for you.


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