Latest Skilled Occupation List revision expected to be announced soon.

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Skilled Occupation List

If only we had some certainty about which occupations were to be included in the next list of preferred occupations, right?

Any student already studying in Australia or hoping to get a student visa to study in Australia will certainly want to know if their intended occupation is on the skilled occupation list or the CSOL – the consolidated skilled occupation list.

From the chatter, at the two recent immigration law conferences, I attended in the last 6 weeks, including the Law Council of Australia’s National Law Conference in electing an announcement of the new list of occupations in May 2017.

I’d expect the last to be effective for all skilled migration applications lodged after any announcement and not later than 1 July 2017.

What skilled occupations do you think will be struck off the new list? And which do you think will be added?

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