#1 What is a 187 Visa?

Also known as a “RSMS Visa”, “regional employer nomination Visa”, “regional sponsored migration scheme Visa”, “857”, “subclass 187″ or simply “RSMS”, a 187 Visa allows skilled workers to be sponsored by their regional employers for permanent residence in Australia.

The 187 Visa replaces the 857 Visa class. To successfully achieve a 187 Visa grant you must be successful in three three separate processes:

  • Regional Certifying Body (“RCB” Approval)
  • Regional Employer Nomination for a 187 Visa
  • 187 Visa Application

What is 187 Visa application requirements?
Find an employer who is willing to sponsor you for work in regional Australia with a 187 Visas.

You must be nominated in an eligible occupation and paid a market rate – other rules do apply.

The nominated occupation must be approved by the Regional Certifying Body.

Under the 187 Visa, a regional employer should be willing to give you employment for a two year period.

#2 How much does a 187 Visa cost?

187 Visa attract a fee upon lodgement of the application with the Department of Immigration (the Department of Immigration & Border Protection).

187 Visa nomination certifications also attract fees from the Regional Certifying Body responsible for the certification.

A schedule of fees and charges applicable to applications lodged at DIBP is published regularly.

DIBP fees for 187 Visas nomination under the employer nomination scheme (ens) are usually nil.

DIBP fees for onshore 187 Visas applications are approximately $4000.

If you use an Immigration Advisor or Registered Australian Migration Agent, additional fees are payable to Immigration Advisors and Agents. The amount of the fee will depend on the level of skill of the Immigration Law Specialist, complexity of the applications, and the urgency of the application.