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Nilesh Nandan, Immigration Lawyer, MyVisa® Australia

Welcome to MyVisa® Immigration Law Advisory!

I’m proud to head up MyVisa® and NANDAN VAITYTE LAWYERS.

MyVisa® is Australia’s best known private immigration advice practice.

NANDAN VAITYTE, Australia’s most successful (and smallest) immigration litigation firm was set up by us to handle more complex immigration appeals.

I was admitted to practice law in 1993. I struggled with different roles, working for others before launching my own practice, MyVisa® in 1999. My first desk (one which I could truly call my own) was a crude bench in a shared cubicle, above in inner-city chicken shop.

Some things change and some stay the same. Today I still share one cubicle but in offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. I have now spent more than 20,000 hours advising visa applicants and their sponsors.

Each day I travel to one of our four MyVisa® offices across Australia. I visit clients like you face-to-face each day and offer advice by telephone in most cases where things need to be actioned quickly.

My Background

I migrated with my parents, two older sisters and younger brother to Australia in 1976, after Labour abandoned the White Australia Policy.

Landing in Australia by boat (though not at Ashmore Reef) I started at the local public primary school, riding there daily on my Madison 10-speed racer. I became studious in the hope that better marks would immunise me from school-yard bullying. That didn’t work.

I attended Brisbane Grammar School, loved maths, reluctantly learned Latin, and played rugby before getting to study law and accounting at QUT. The QUT program in 1987 was one of Australia’s first combined degrees.

In 1990, I went to Harvard University to complete the Business Case Study Program, a foundation program for the Harvard MBA. I returned from the US to Queensland to complete a Bachelors in Business, Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I also completed an MBA in International Business, for good measure.

20,000+ Hours

Having dedicated all my professional life to Immigration Law, I have now helped several thousand visa applicants and their families get visa grants.

I’ve been involved in hundreds of visa appeals at the AAT (previously called the MRT) and also involving the Immigration Department and the Minister personally in the Federal Circuit Court, as well as the Federal Court of Australia.

I’ve worked on IAAAS* tenders, procured immigration counsel (academics, agents, and solicitors) to run immigration task forces assisting refugees across Australia. (I remember being at the Woomera Immigration Detention Centre, sitting alone in an old military base flat when the planes slammed into the World Trade Towers).

I now specialise in visa refusals and visa cancellations, and the MyVisa® team I oversee is the market leader in lodging better Australian visa application and offering business consular assistance. I love staying up to date with immigration and visa news.

Our practices runs many immigration appeals and lodges many more visa applications. I think that I’ve personally handled more than most immigration experts would see in their entire careers.

I also get great satisfaction mentoring new immigration lawyers who queue up to complete their Practical Legal Training (PLT) with us, and I assist migration agents with their practices issues. At the same time I’m blessed to receive mentoring from immigration lawyers and barristers far senior to me.

I feel incredibly privileged to assist people like you. My satisfaction comes from helping you get a better outcome.

You can learn more about me here.

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(As seen in the press including The Australian Newspaper, Youtube and the corridors of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court of Australia)

*funded under the Federal Government’s Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS).


Ieva Vaityte | Chief Immigration Advisor

Ieva Vaityte, Chief Immigration Advisor, MyVisa® Australia

Ieva is our Chief Immigration Advisor and manages all new visa application lodgements, from students through to investors.

She is creative yet conservative – and like me, relentless in her quest for a better outcome. At times the best outcomes are elusive and that is when she (and I) are hardest on ourselves.

Ieva joined MyVisa® more than 6 years ago. There is something very refreshing about her approach. She simply wants to be a better Australian Migration Agent – not necessarily the best but just a little better, every day.

You can learn more about leva’s professional profile by looking at LinkedIn.

I see Ieva taking every new visa application on as if it were her own visa case. She is very immigration-savvy, persuasive and perhaps one of the most diligent people I have ever met. All great qualities for Australia’s best migration agent.

This is the biggest difference between what our practice can offer you – a commitment to getting the best outcome for you, not just “an” outcome.

What might you get from less passionate immigration lawyers and migration agents?

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Nilesh Nandan