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MyVisa Sydney

07:15 25 Nov 18
Hello my friend had applied for subclass 476 on April 4th 2018, as per immi login the last update was on 11th April 2018. But still there is no response. Status of the visa is still Received and there is no response from the immigration office on call as well. What can be done further, is there a way to process it. Can you help me with more
Priya K
04:45 24 Jul 18
Had a skype video consultation with Mr Nilesh Nandan regarding my husband's two visitor visa refusals. I specifically wanted to speak with Nilesh only as his website states he specialises in visa refusals. His admin are professional and were able to schedule me in promptly. However there were problems- his assistant stated I would need to complete an online MyVisa questionnaire that he would email me shortly (which he didn't email me until hours later when I had to call them again to remind them even though my payment was already done promptly) and that questionnaire was where I could attach all my documents that I wanted Nilesh to look over (but in the end I was only permitted to attach one document there so I had to email all my documents along with my Skype ID). I mentioned to the admin assistant “this Skype chat will definitely be with Nilesh right?” and he confirmed that yes it would be with Nilesh and I was therefore satisfied with going ahead with this. (I specifically wanted to speak with Nilesh rather than anyone else at his firm given his website stated that he was the one who specialised in visa refusal cases as opposed to his partner who specialised in new application cases which clearly was not my situation). Apparently Nilesh was actually available later that very day to speak with me on video – which I found astounding, as surely he would need at the very least a few hours to look over my case in depth before agreeing to proceed to a video chat with me? I found this odd indeed like a red flag, as if he would not be thoroughly looking into my case prior to speaking to me. I initially had an appointment with Mr Nandan but at the last minute he had to go to a court appearance so would be sending his partner to talk to me but I was never informed of this ahead of time. I had to call and reschedule the appointment myself so as to speak with Nilesh the next day. The next day their Skype wasn't working apparently so at the last minute 30 mins before our appointment, they asked us to download the app even though my husband, parents and myself were waiting on Skype at this time to speak to them. My husband and I got the app however Nilesh's sound was not transmitting to us clearly with ongoing background disturbance and given the amount paid, we at least expect no technical difficulties. Nilesh told me that my parents on FaceTime could be creating disturbance so I ended that call and my parents unfortunately could not join the discussion thereafter. He also told me to mute my microphone which did not help the sound issue. His advice (of what we COULD hear) was also misleading - he wanted us to pursue the AAT tribunal hearing pathway rather than to re-apply for a visa because he felt that would get rejected. He stated this AAT hearing would happen within 2-3 weeks after applying however I personally called AAT after the video chat and they confirmed it takes 6 to 12 months to get a hearing and no special consideration is given to immigration lawyers. Nilesh also admitted he didn't fully read all of the documents we sent him so how can he even expect to advise us thoroughly? Nilesh also left the video chat abruptly well before the hour mark was up and did not give us any time to ask questions or to even listen to us - rather, he spoke at us and condescendingly at that. He stated he would send an email at least with further cost information and we could reply to it with any further questions - however we are yet to still receive this email. Although we had initially been greatly looking forward to speaking with Nilesh and hoped to work with him ongoing - my husband and I were unfortunately disappointed with the video consultation due to the last minute rescheduling, the poor sound quality of Nilesh’s chat that meant we didn’t hear everything completely clearly and for it leaving us feeling misguided with even more unanswered questions. I really do hope others have a better experience than I did. UPDATE - refund received from MyVisa given the reasons above, which I appreciate. Thank you more
10:47 28 Jun 18
Just started my application with Nilesh Nandan. Very transparent with the more
Michael Crimmins
03:29 20 Mar 18
we are so impressed with the service we received from My visa nothing was a problem for them during my wife's visa application well done all involved you made us very more
amrinder dullat
16:26 19 Feb 18
Hey ppl..i just got my permanent residency today with great efforts done by myvisa. While writing this review i found myself completely running out of words as i can't thank enough for this amazing result and that too in a very short time. I struggled many years with few agents in past and ended up wasting my time and money. While Ieva and nilesh impressed me from day one till now and got the job done. This law firm have also helped me win my case in federal circuit court. Their work is beyond professionalism. I genuinely and highly recommend people to go to myvisa and let them work on your case to get the best outcome in short time and avoid hassle. Their team is always there to attend your queries unlikely my previous agents. In my past experiences i was advised by agents what was good for them but myvisa have always advised me what was best in my interest. I am very thankful to you nilesh ,Ieva and whole team for putting all your efforts in my case. I am a fully satisfied client and looking forward to personally meet you to thank you.You guys r just awesome Best regards Amrinder more
Kunga Wangyal
01:35 08 Sep 17
Ieva and Josh were absolutely great and very professional. They asked only what was required to apply for my visa and no time was wasted on trying to get unnecessary documents. Josh communicated well and kept me constantly updated making me very comfortable and confident in getting my visa. They were very professional right from consultation till the end when I was granted my visa. Thank you so much the both of you! Would definitely recommend this company since they absolutely know what they're doing!read more
swapnil desai
23:33 07 Sep 17
Great work , attention to detailed and genuine advice. Thank you so much for my visa . Special thank to Joshua 😊. Thank uread more
Andrew Begley
04:45 06 Sep 17
This is now the 3rd time i have used MyVisa to assist me with sponsoring staff. We have not only had 100% success rate, but service they provide in order to make it as seamless as possible is second to none. I couldn't recommend a more professional more
Kelvis CL
01:46 26 Jul 17
I have great respect for MyVisa My visa application was refused after THREE YEARS of my waiting period for my Partner Visa (temporary).My same-sex partner and I were devastated from the result as we already built our life together and ready to moving forward. I found My Visa from all the great recommendations and online reviews; if I would like to request an appeal, I will need the best immigration service to prove my sincere on-going relationship with my partner.After a year long battle, the result was positive, and I decided to continue the great service with MyVisa and go ahead with my re-submission. The process was extremely streamlined and smooth – I got my Partner (Residence) Visa after two months.My life has been on the collar-coaster in this four years of waiting for my pending application. MyVisa was caring and always patient along the journey. Long story short, MyVisa not only helped with my Tribunal case but also got an approval of my Residence Visa. There was never a promise from MyVisa, but I was confident and comfortable with MyVisa.Thank you, Team 😊read more
Emily Chou
12:30 08 Jul 17
My partner and I applied for partnership visa over 15 months ago, and 15 months later got an email saying that what we provided wasn't enough. We tried contacting the immigration department, but they were extremely unhelpful and rude to us. Both my partner and I felt very hopeless. We decided to look online for help, and that's when we found MyVisa. We had a consultation with Arya, and I was so nervous meeting with a lawyer for the first time. But she was so helpful, and from just browsing through all my evidence, she was able to know what I had and hadn't. We were both so happy with her, and for the first time she gave us hope! We decided to let her represent us. She listed things that we needed to do. When we were unsure, we were able to call her right away. Even if it's an email, she still always replied to us quickly, we were so impressed with her work. At the very end of the process, she gathered everything we had provided and wrote a submission to the immigration for us. We were both very happy with the submission she wrote! They really do know how to represent all the evidence in a right way to improve your chances! My partner and I highly recommend MyVisa and also our lawyer Arya! Because of her help, I am now holding my partnership visa!read more
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