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Opinion: The Tamil Family of Biloela

  It’s not often I defend Minister Dutton, but I feel I must defend him if he is right. The short point surrounding the Tamil family of Biloela is that the main visa applicants have been assessed as not entitled to a protection (refugee) visa. This conclusion was reached after […]

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Humpty Dumpty & The Best Immigration Lawyers

Coffee Up! Today is a BIG day for me. For 20 years now I’ve consistently engaged the best immigration law barristers I could find to work with me. We are now one the nation’s most successful visa practices because of the “smarts” and the “hunger” of external Counsel. But 4 […]

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Visa Refusal Reasons Australia

What are the Visa Refusal Reasons in Australia Do you have any specific questions about an Immigration Department refusal of your visa application for Australia?  read our guidelines on how to respond to visa refusal issues and visa refusal problems or ask your own question on this visa refusal blog. […]

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Bogus Documents Fixing – The PIC 4020 Problem

This bogus document problem is that a DIBP Case Officer believes that you have deliberately tried to mislead them. For example by using fake documents or fake paperwork. Immigration is aware that false documents or false paperwork are often provided to them. Visa applicants do this with the intention to secure a more […]

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Northern Territory Skilled Migration Visa Options

FAQ – Northern Territory Skilled Migration Occupation list and Visa Options What is a Designated Area Migration Agreement? This is a labour agreement between a specific region and the Australian Government to enable them to meet the employment needs unique to their region. Under this framework, skilled and semi-skilled workers […]

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Immigration News 2018

Top News about Immigration Matters from other sources in Australia   Dated: 04/10/2018 NZ airport travellers who don’t disclose phone passwords face $5k fine Is Big Brother now a citizen of New Zealand.  This article explores a new issue for everyone travelling to New Zealand. Will we, in Australia, soon […]

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Retirement Visa

Are You Looking To Retire In Australia? This retirement visa article contains the information you need to apply for the Investor Retirement Visa [subclass 405]. First of all, it is important to know that the Investor Retirement Visa [subclass 405] is a temporary visa and it is typically valid for […]

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Provisional Business Visa

5 Ways To Get A Provisional Business Visa [subclass 188] For Australia Getting a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa [subclass 188] is one of the main pathways to Australian Permanent Residency and Australian Citizenship. This provisional visa is a temporary visa and it is typically valid for 4 years […]

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Genuine Position – Marketing Specialist Case Study

417 Working Holiday Visa Marketing Specialist Refused Because Of Genuine Position Our client X came to us after her nomination for the occupation of Marketing Specialist was lodged and refused because it failed to meet the genuine position requirement. A real estate agency initially employed X as an Executive Assistant. […]

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501 Visa Cancellation – Criminal Record & Character Test

Worried about your criminal record leading to a section 501 visa cancellation? Section 501 is Visa Cancellations because of Criminal Records If you have a criminal record, things look grim since 2015. MANDATORY CANCELLATION applies when you have conviction terms (sentences) if added together, totalling more than 12 months. Immigration […]

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Same Sex Partner Visa Advisor

Partner Visa for Same-Sex Couples Same-Sex partner visa submissions will affect how fast you’ll get a visa grant. Better submissions could also make a difference to the outcome. Is There A Special Visa Category For Same-Sex Partners? No, There is no specific visa category called a “same-sex visa”.  The visa applications available […]

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