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Protection Visa MyVisa Australia Nilesh Nandan Immigration Lawyer

De facto visa for Australia

A guide for immigrants and married and unmarried Australian partners

Immigration lawyer

A guide to immigration lawyer vs migration agent

Visa refusal

Worried about your visa refusal? Question and answered

Visa cancellation

Visa cancellation FAQ

Bridging visa

Do I have one or don't I?

Section 501

Visa cancellation - criminal record

PIC 4020

Bogus documents fixing

Partner visa

Need assistance with partner visa?

Federal Court

Visa appeal Federal Circuit Court

Refugee visa

Refugee looking to make a protection visa application?

Health waiver

Health requirement for visa

Criminal record

Character test


Are you eligible to apply for an Australian Citizenship?

Genuine relationship

Inform the Department of your genuine and continuing relationship

Change of circumstances

Update your circumstances with Immigration

Incorrect answers

Notifying the Department of incorrect answers

GTE requirement

Genuine temporary entrant criteria

Genuine position

Case study - marketing specialist refused because of genuine position

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