Subclass 482: A Guide For Advertising Requirement [Updated 2021]

Subclass 482 Advertising Tips MyVisa® By Nilesh Nandan

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Ad Must Be In English

The language to be used for any advertising (paid or unpaid) of a position for a subclass 482 visa, and any similar positions, commissioned or authorised by the approved sponsor must be in English.

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Where and How

For a 482 visa (Labour Market Testing) advertisement, the nominated position must be advertised:

(a)  on the Employment Department’s Jobactive website (; and

(b)  in at least 2 advertisements on or in one or more of the following:

(i)  a recruitment website with national reach in Australia (other than the website mentioned in paragraph (a));

(ii)  print media with national reach in Australia;

(iii)  radio with national reach in Australia;

(iv)  if the approved sponsor is an accredited sponsor—the approved sponsor’s website.

Each advertisement of the nominated position must be commissioned or authorised by the approved sponsor.

Each advertisement of the nominated position must include the following details of the position:

(a)  the title or a description of the position;

(b)  the skills or experience required for the position;

(c)  the name of the approved sponsor or, if the approved sponsor has engaged a recruitment agency for the purposes of the labour market testing, the name of the recruitment agency;

(d)  the salary for the position, if the intended annual earnings for the nominated position are lower than $96,400.00 AUD.

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How Long Should I Keep The Ad Running?

Applications or expressions of interest for an advertised position must be accepted for at least 4 weeks from when an advertisement for the position is first published on or in any of the following:

(a)  print media;

(b)  radio;

(c)  website.


Employment Contract Tips

Be sure to match the contract values with any stated values in the nomination application and the visa application, and be consistent with what is stated as weekly hours of work.

Employment contracts for the foreign worker should be conditional upon holding a valid visa and subject to an appropriate probation period which is usually 6 months.

The date of the contract should be after the expiration of the advertising period although in cases where the contract is signed before the advertising period, there may well be a good reason for this, including for example, where the contract is able to be terminated easily if a better candidate is found during the advertising period.


Your Experience?

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