What’s our practice model?

Our short youtube clip is a good summary of what we offer each of clients. I hope it resonates with you! Call us if it does.


– 1999, Opening

During the six years I worked as an employed solicitor, my brother Raj Nandan and I talked often about one day “going it alone”. In 1999 we both took the plunge. We each set up our own businesses, sharing nearby cubicles above a chicken shop. This was the first step in what was to be an exciting but divergent journey for us. I launched a boutique immigration practice “MyVisa” suggested to me by my close friend Raamaan Meclose9. It turned out to be a brilliant choice of name. Another friend, engineer Manmeet Bhasin, helped me create my first website (using Microsoft Publisher®). I revelled in the fact that I was the first immigration law practice to publish fixed price fees and charges online. And we were off and running!

– 2000, So Many Boats

I started leading Immigration Task Forces (as they were called by the Department of Immigration’s Onshore Protection Team) to Immigration detention centres in remote locations of Australia. I travelled often to Port Headland, Woomera, Derby (Via Darwin) Christmas Island and Villawood after MyVisa® was absorbed by immigration law giants of the day, Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers. Here I learned my trade working with lawyers much smarter than me – Julian Van Leer,  Kerry Murphy & Lisa D’Ambra.

– 2002 , September 11

I was alone at a disused army base at Woomera when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Centre.

September 11 and PM John Howard’s infamous Tampa crisis allowed his Minister for Immigration and later Attorney General Phillip Ruddock to stop the so-called boat people arriving daily at Ashmore Reef before being towed to Christmas Island.

When the boats stopped, I exited the venture with Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers, taking with me only one client – a difficult health waiver for the mentor and trusted friend Michael Prenzlau, CEO of Wilkhahn Asia Pacific.

– 2008, The GFC

We had enjoyed steady growth in the 457 visa space across Australia but a head count freeze imposed in many businesses after the GFC and Immigration slashing the 457 Visa program caused me to reinvent myself as an expert in visa refusals and visa cancellations.

– 2012, Ieva Vaityte

Ieva’s joined our team as we operated out of a garage with 4 other staff. Her involvement in Practice Management helped MyVisa® seed offices across Australia. The practice began its metamorphosis into Australia’s leading Immigration Practice and Australia’s youngest Immigration litigation firm.

– 2017, NandanVaityte

Ieva and I joined forces as partners in the NandanVaityte Partnership, taking our latest step toward our dream of being Australian leading Immigration services providers.

What I Do As An Immigration Lawyer:

I’ve been running immigration cases for almost all of my professional life. Like many of my clients, I’m an immigrant too. I migrated to Australia as a dependent child on my parents’ permanent residence visas, more than 36 years ago.

I’ve since gone to law school here. I’ve been admitted here as a lawyer. I’m what they call a “Registered Australian Migration Agent”. I’m also an “Immigration Lawyer”, and this comes in very handy when things get tough with the Department of Immigration.

I spend most of my time learning about the latest developments in immigration law. You’ll find updates on immigration law practice here on this website. In any given week, I will negotiate cases with Immigration Officers.

I appear at Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) hearings, prepare submissions for visa cancellation and refusal appeals and I seek the review of visa decisions in the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) and in the Federal Court of Australia – looking carefully for administrative decisions infected with legal error, often referred to as a jurisdictional error.

Nilesh Nandan: Ieva Vaityte is my Co-Advisor and the Managing Partner of our firm. She arrived in Australia herself on a student visa from her native Lithuania last decade and early this decade first joined MyVisa as a support agent.

In the last five years, Ieva has completed the MyVisa Internship Program, post graduate immigration law qualifications and became licensed as Registered Australian Migration Agent.

Relevantly she has assisted me with several thousand consultations, visa applications, special submissions and appeals. I challenge you to find a sharper immigration mind!

I trust Ieva to manage our exciting client journeys and our clients quickly come to trust Ieva, as I expect you will.

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