485 Visa Requirements – Time Of Application Criteria – Quick Tip

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485 Visas Time Of Application Criteria 

It is important to make sure that you provide all required documents at the time of your 485 Visa application. Remember to upload the documents to your online IMMI account immediately after lodging the application.

What If I Don’t Upload At The Time Of The 485 Visa Lodgment

The DIBP would probably refuse your application.

Firstly, most 485 Visa Applicants are unaware that evidence of health insurance and evidence of an application for an AFP certificate within 12 months of the application date must be provided at the time of lodgement, or a refusal will result. Secondly, remember that you must provide the following documents to the DIBP:

* Evidence of English Language Ability;
* Evidence that you meet the Australian Study Requirement; and
* A valid Skills Assessment from a Skills Assessing Authority.

If the DIBP refuses your visa then you may have limited options in terms of what further visas you are able to lodge onshore.

If your visa application is invalid it is as if no application was made and if your visa has since expired, you could be unlawful. So, a bridging visa will only be granted to you if you make a valid application and you are onshore.

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