457 Visa Abolished? – Turnbull Raises More Questions Than answers!

“Gutsy move by Turnbull provided he can cut through the red tape”.
Nilesh Nandan, Immigration Lawyer, MyVisa Australia.

“The armoury for this 457 visa onslaught is already in legislation. A new visa mechanism for slashing and burning entire visa classes without having to wait for normal visa expiry or individual cancellation notifications was introduced by stealth over Christmas 2016 under cover of a “re-validation of visa” power.”


“It is unclear from Turnbull’s video press release whether a re-validation process will be imposed on existing 457 visa holders and their sponsors.”


What we do know:


  1. The 457 subclass will go!
  2. The DIBP will introduce a new visa subclass
  3. New target applicant is for the “best and brightest”
  4. English requirement will be tougher
  5. The DIBP will favour Regional Australia 
  6. Increased work experience requirement
  7. Labour market testing to continue


What we don’t know:


  1. The name of the new visa class will be?
  2. What the new application fees will be?
  3. Whether there will be an credit for 457 fees paid?
  4. When will the new visa be introduced into law?
  5. Whether existing 457 visas will require any re-validation?
  6. Whether Business Sponsorship will also be abolished?
  7. Will there be a pathway to permanent residency?
  8. What about 457 visa decisions still pending or on appeal at the AAT?


Do Something Now:


>>Get a fresh english test done
>>Pull out your CV and evidence of qualifications
>>Get detailed reference letters for all work experience
>>Stay tuned for the regulation itself – the devil is in the detail 😉


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